Wave of thefts of packages in the mail boxes

Vague de vols de colis dans les boîtes postales

The region is grappling with a wave of thefts at community mailboxes. Eight cases have been listed by the police Service of Saguenay (SPS) in the last few days and four municipalities in the Lac-Saint-Jean have been affected in December.

Since a few weeks, individuals vandalizing mailboxes. The section for the deposit of the package is smashed, allowing criminals to take possession of the objects found there.

In the Lac-Saint-Jean, Canada Post confirms that criminal acts have been committed on po boxes from Delisle, Saint-Nazaire, Labrecque and Ascension-of-Our-Lord in December.

In the Saguenay, of the cases have been reported in Larouche, Shipshaw, St-Charles-de-Bourget, Jonquière and Chicoutimi. “It is a little everywhere on the territory,” confirms Bruno Cormier, a spokesman for the SPS.

A first complaint was forwarded to the SPS on December 19. A second file was opened on 3 January. On January 8, six events were reported, four in Larouche, a to Shipshaw and a at the boundary between Chicoutimi and Jonquière.

“In some cases, it is citizens who are robbed of a parcel that challenge us, other times, it is Canada Post who communicates with us “, stresses Bruno Cormier.

Vague de vols de colis dans les boîtes postales

Thefts of parcels in community mailboxes have been listed on the territory of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean over the last few days. The section boxes for the deposit of package is referred to.


Canada post is proceeding with the replacement of mail boxes vandalized.

“These residents are currently required to go pick up their mail at the local post office, but we will attempt delivery of parcels and other items to the door. Our local operations undertake the replacement of the old units for the new models of boxes community, ” says Philipe Legault, manager of media relations for Canada Post.

In Saguenay, the police are well aware of the events.

“A memo was sent to all of our patrollers. They pay particular attention to po boxes. We also invite the people has to be vigilant and to contact us if they have information as the situation may repeat itself. “


Canada post is asking people who think that you have not received a letter, in particular, to communicate with the sender. In regards to the package, the customer must first inform the shipper of the problem, and then contact the customer service of Canada Post at 1-800-267-1177. In the case of fear as to her identity, it is recommended to call the Centre the canadian anti-fraud at 1-888-495-8501.

“We take the safety and security of the mail very seriously and we work closely with the police. We encourage anyone who is witnessing suspicious activity to immediately inform the authorities of Canada and Canada Post at 1-800-267-1177. “

The individuals responsible could face charges of mischief and of vol.