Up to 3000 spectators in Alma

Hausse de 3000 spectateurs à Alma

The last fall season of shows has been a real success at Alma. Thanks to the re-opening of the Box of Blueberries and the diversified offer of the room Michel-Side, Alma Shows shows an increase of attendance of 3000 spectators compared to the same period in the previous year.

“We issued 29 shows, compared to 27 last year, for a total of 10 000 spectators this fall. So, things are going well, when the number of spectators is up to 3000 spectators at Alma, ” says the head of communications and development at Alma Productions, Stephanie Girard.

The expansion of the Box of Blueberries, that increased from 200 to 300 seats this fall, after an investment of $ 350,000 from the City of Alma, is no stranger to this success, believes the latter. “With the reopening of the Box of Blueberries, it is assumed that it has a ripple effect, for example, to the comedy shows in the break-in. It was the goal of being able to receive more spectators. We also had several rooms full, and the choice of events as such has a lot to do. We offer more shows and has more viewers, ” says Stephanie Girard.

The audacity of the supply of spectacles, Alma also helps to attract a clientele that is always in quest of novelties and discoveries, both in the musical, comedy and theatrical side of dance.

“You may think that people are more open to it. We always try to offer the greatest variety possible. It is very strong in classical music, eclectic and instrumental. It is out of the ordinary, and the audience is waiting for you. It not only gives performances that are very popular, ” said the communications officer.

Beating of the heart

Among his many favorites, the first that comes to mind of Stephanie Girard, this is probably the passage of the dance company Cas public, Hélène Blackburn, on the 21st of November.

“This is the company that runs the more at the national level,” notes Ms. Girard, who also speaks of the concert of the Orchestre symphonique du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, on 25 November, as another strong point of the season.

“We received the baritone Jean-François Lapointe, the orchestra and the choir, a hundred people on stage. As far as I can remember, music has always been very strong in Alma. It was a subscription package that is attractive, and the public is a connoisseur and amateur. It creates a lot of drive, ” she said.



The winter of 2019 promises to be colourful to Alma, so that in addition to the comedy clubs, well-known, performances of dance will likely be the attention at the salle Michel-Côté.

Among these representations, that of the compagnie de danse Marie Chouinard, which leads us on the 22nd march, for one of the few times in recent years in the region, and for the first time in the Lac-Saint-Jean.

“It will come with two choreographies mythical, including The Rite of spring, in the first part, which was consecrated on the international scene. The second part will be Henri Michaux : movements, composed of eight extraordinary dancers on stage. It’s been a very long time, Marie Chouinard is coming [in the region]. We are really pleased to have this opportunity, because she never came to Alma, ” says Stéphanie Girard, Alma Shows.

The public will also be able to familiarize themselves with the documentary theatre with Post-human, an exercise presented on April 4 by the company Free Space and starring Didier Lucien, Dennis Kastrup, Dominic Leclerc and Cadie Desbiens.

The great comedy shows will also be at the rendezvous with Katherine Levac (24 January), Simon Leblanc (13 march) and Denis Drolet (march 29), all presented at the salle Michel-Côté.

The intriguing project of battle of the dance move, the last ? , in which dancers who will impress the judges in order to be paired with eight professional dancers, will also be crossing at Alma, on 5 April.

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