Up to 14 inches of ice on informal measures

Jusqu’à 14 pouces de glace lors de mesures non officielles

Fishing enthusiasts white can hope to take their fishing cabin soon on the ice of the baie des Ha ! Ha !

The collection of ice cores, Sunday, by a group of volunteers, has revealed that at many places, in the area of the village of l’anse-à-Benjamin, the ice was about 14 inches.

This measure does not however take into account the type of ice, has warned Rémi Aubin, president of the organization Promoting Fishing, on the page Facebook group Fans of ice fishing on the Saguenay fjord.

The ice effective is considered in the official measures. Rémi Aubin has carried out the measures in the company of the volunteers, Marc Boily, Pascal Villeneuve and Louis Driver. “We took a thirty of ice cores on all the territory of this sector. We are surprised of the thickness of the ice, ” he pointed out. A single carrot has revealed a thickness of 11.5 inches, in an area known for its ice more thin.

The absence of snow cover, which creates an insulating layer, currently promotes the thickening of the ice. “For us it is very beautiful news. We hope to one input of the cabins early, for the season 2019, ” he concluded.