Two petty thefts with big impacts

Deux « petits » vols avec de gros impacts

Gaétan Latulippe scoop of 30 months in prison for committing two armed robberies with a fake gun in pharmacies of Jonquière. It was, according to him, small robberies, but he had not measured the impacts on the victims.

The 53 year old man had pleaded guilty to the charges filed against him in June 2018. He has received his sentence from the mouth of the judge Michel Boudreault, the Quebec Court, which has accepted the suggestion common to Me, Pascal Lévesque, the office of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP), and Charles Cantin, a lawyer in defence.

On April 14, 2017, Latulippe presents at the pharmacy Jean Coutu with a hood on the head and sunglasses. Arriving at the counter to obtaining drugs, he pulls out a gun from the inner pocket of his coat.

It does braque not the weapon on anyone, but wants to have narcotic analgesics.

The employee on the spot, a lab technician, is panic stricken and headed to the pharmacist to advise them of the situation. During this time, another worker realizes that it’s something serious and push the panic button immediately.

“I heard a colleague react and I saw what was happening. I had a great fear, and I took a panic. We knew that this was to happen one day, but when it does happen, it is something else. I found it drawn out and I was afraid that it would escalate. It was like a nightmare and I feared that someone at the same time and that it will go further, ” stated the technician from the pharmacy.

“I cried after. I had trouble with my return to work. I had to stop work during a week. We are always afraid that it happens again. I’d like it to (Gaetan Latulippe) realizes that there are humans behind it and that he should think of them. And I hope he can get treatment, ” expressed the pharmacy technician.

As to the one who welcomed Latulippe on his arrival at the pharmacy, it was marked by the sight of the firearm. She didn’t know at that time that it was an air rifle.

“Whether it is true or not, it doesn’t change anything when it happens. I made the jump when he pulled the weapon from the inside pocket of his coat. I went to see the pharmacist to try to advise of what was happening and that the man wanted medication, ” she said.

“I experienced anxiety. I was afraid of the world during a certain period of time. I’m always in fear that someone to come to the pharmacy for a flight, even if I know that this gesture was not directed towards me. It happens to me still to be stressed, ” said the lab technician.

In the end, Latulippe takes the path to the penitentiary for a period of 30 months and will not have the right to return to the two pharmacies that he has turned.