Tube-o-Roof sign with Canadian Tire

Tube-ô-Toit signe avec Canadian Tire

After having made a first breakthrough to the chain of hardware BMR for the sale and distribution of its vent heater Tube-o-Roof, the inventor Sylvain Ouellet has signed an agreement as the supplier of products to the chain Canadian Tire across Canada.

The company, founded two years ago, has developed a vent-heating aluminum with a cable self-regulating installed on the pipe drains residential which prevents condensation, thus avoiding bad odors in the residence. Mr. Ouellet has expanded the range of its product which fits now on vents, three-inch plus a new Tube-o-Roof for drains flat roofs.

Mr. Ouellet was not able to specify how many units it should produce with the new agreement with Canadian Tire, which has 475 branches in Canada.

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