Tournament pee-wee: the hockey school for the 55th edition

Tournoi pee-wee: le hockey scolaire pour la 55e édition

On the occasion of the 55th edition of the event, from 14 to 20 January, the school hockey will make its debut in the Tournament provincial pee-wee de Jonquière.

For this first time, four teams of category benjamin, division a, will be the struggle to achieve the cup Charles Hudon, a novelty, fruit of a partnership with the Foundation headed by the native player of Alma of the Montreal canadiens in the national hockey League.

Of the quartet, the three regional teams will be competing, the Eagles of the Cité étudiante de Roberval, the Mustangs de l’odyssée/Lafontaine-Dominique-Racine and the Lynx of the Pavillon Wilbrod-Dufour.

The arrival of the school hockey was in the air for a few years already, and has finally been confirmed after discussions between the leaders of the tournament jonquiérois and Hockey Quebec.

“It is up to the test, says the chairman Hervé Berghella on this new division. We will see what it will give as craze and show, but I am confident that in future years, we will be able to produce more teams in this category. “

“It has the same number of games and teams than last year. Where it differs is that some classes have been deprived of a few teams to make a place for these clubs in order to meet the schedule for the week. We will see what we will do if we get more teams, ” says Hervé Berghella.

The chairman of the event unveiled all the details of this 55th edition, Thursday morning, at the traditional press conference at Boston Pizza, in the company of the deputy director of the Service de police de Saguenay, Serge Tremblay, adviser to Michel Thiffault and president of the Travelers of Saguenay, Audrey Tremblay, who shall be the patron for the first time.

“In the end, it is the young people of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. It is a beautiful radiation them and we know that many hockey players also play baseball. It was normal for us “, to reveal Audrey Tremblay, accompanied for the occasion by vice-president Guy Hébert.

A total of 99 meetings will be held during the next week at the Palais des sports and Home Entertainment, which will bring together 250 players divided into 52 teams, including 22 from the outside. In addition to the school, teams, divisions AAA and is and elite, as well as the classes BB, A and B will be in action.

“We look at it from the front, to express Herve Berghella about this 55th edition. There are projects for further development in the future, but we are happy to have reached this plateau. “


After a break of a few years, the Innu of Olamen The Roman will be back in the Tournament pee-wee de Jonquière, in the class B. young, who will be in action as early as Monday, are part of a local program focusing on academic success. In addition to a minimum of three matches, they will participate in different activities. “It’s fun because they arrive in a culture that is more urban “, argues Hervé Berghella, stating that a number of evolve on an artificial ice for the first time.



A few days of the first game, on Monday night, the Tournament organizers provincial pee-wee de Jonquière are always in search of a twenty host families for players from outside the region.

“This is of concern, drops Herve Berghella, amounting to one hundred host families needed for the smooth running of things. “

“What it represents, it is to accommodate two young people at the home, the bedroom and breakfast the next morning. They will arrive in a carriage pee-wee and will not have their pocket with them. They will feel good and also the next day when they will leave, ” said the president of the 55th edition.

“If they so desire, the hosts can make it to the house. They can of course follow the young, going to the rink with him and be part of the celebration. If they want to give to the basic service, this is the bed and breakfast, to indicate Hervé Berghella. Usually, people are of extras. They are going to make a sugar cream or pancakes in the morning. But this is not required. “

Those interested to host participants should contact the manager, Nathalie Turgeon, at 418 550-7339.