Tiffany Jean-Pierre to be the victim of a family drama in Opitciwan

Tiffany Jean-Pierre victime d'un drame familial à Opitciwan

THE TOQUE – A 29 year old woman from the aboriginal community of Opitciwan, in the Haute-Mauricie region, has died in what appears to be a family drama. Tiffany Jean-Pierre lost his life after an altercation that occurred at a private residence Tuesday night. Wednesday, his brother, Joe-Bastien Jean-Pierre, 27, has been formally accused of murder not premeditated of her sister.

For the moment, few details have been disclosed, as the lawyer of Joe-Bastien Jean-Pierre, Me Denis Otis, had received only part of the evidence before the hearing. “He appeared on a charge of second degree murder, has explained to Me Otis after the appearance of his client at the courthouse of Roberval. In accordance with the requirements of the criminal Code, automatically, the judge of the Court of Québec must return to custody, pending the result of the procedures to be performed. I’ll evaluate if it is able to make a request for his release.”

Procedures have therefore been given to the 17 January, to allow time for the defence to take knowledge of the different elements of proof. It is at this time that the accused should take a stand as to whether he pleads guilty or not guilty.

The survey is conducted by the unit of crimes against the person of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), which works in collaboration with the department of public safety of Opitciwan on this folder.

In the framework of the procedures, Me Otis intends to apply for legal aid to obtain the assistance of an interpreter to communicate with his client, who do not master French well. During the hearing, an interpreter was present, and that should be the case throughout the proceedings.

By his appearance, on January 17, Joe-Bastien Jean-Pierre will remain detained.

If he is convicted, he is liable to a minimum sentence of life imprisonment. “It is the parole eligibility can be shorter for a murder in the second degree, but it can’t be at the bottom of a 10-year-old said,” Me Otis.

Tiffany Jean-Pierre victime d'un drame familial à Opitciwan

Tiffany Jean-Pierre

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Unclear circumstances

These are aboriginal police officers in the Service of public safety of Opitciwan who have been called to go to the residence of the street Tcikipnaw in the atikamekw territory located roughly mid-way between Val-d’or and chicoutimi, quebec. The circumstances of the case are not yet known.

The Sûreté du Québec and the Department of public safety of Opitciwan are working together to shed light on this death.

“People are surprised and in shock also. It is dark here today (yesterday). All the world has of the sentence. People talk about this a lot, and they can’t believe it still,” testified Justin Chachai, a member of the community of Opitciwan.

The head of the Council of the Atikamekw of Opitciwan, Christian Awashish, said he was shocked to learn of the tragedy that took place in his community.

“We know the mother of the children involved in the altercation, she works at the CPE. Still can not understand what happened in order to arrive at such a tragedy. […] The whole community is affected by it. We do know that there are a lot of situations of violence in the community, but one is always surprised in such circumstances”,-he said.

“When a family is living a tragedy in a community, the whole community is affected. This is not a pleasant one to live it. I would like to wish the family a lot of courage in this ordeal”, said Christian Awashish.

Problems of overpopulation

According to him, overcrowding in dwellings leads to a lot of irritation and the climate on a daily basis can sometimes be difficult to bear.

“These are adults who live with adults. Sometimes they are between 10 and 15, this is not a milieu where all the world can have its peace of mind,” he said.

The grand chief of the atikamekw nation has also reacted to the sad news. He offered his condolences to the family via Facebook.

“My condolences and deepest to the family Jean-Pierre, to the family Dubé, as well as the entire community. My heart and my thoughts accompany you all,” he wrote.

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