The white peach and regulated in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord

La pêche blanche réglementée à Sainte-Rose-du-Nord

The fishers will need to comply with new regulations governing the white fishing in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord in the season 2019. It cost you $ 75 to install a fish hut on the ice for a resident of the municipality and up to$ 390 for the fishers from the outside.

This regulation, which marks a first frame of the activity of ice fishing by the municipality, has been adopted on 3 December. A committee of ten people, bringing together in particular the fishermen, members of fishing association white of the municipality and representatives of the economic development corporation of Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, has worked in the development of the new regulations.

“We have taken steps to secure and supervise a recreational activity “, stressed the mayor of Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, Laurent Thibeault, during a telephone interview with The Daily. The municipality had already expressed its intentions on this subject in January last.

The municipality will spend about $ 4000 for the application of the regulation. This amount will pay for an attendant, the monitoring and host patrouillera the ice by snowmobile and will host the fishermen in a bungalow which will be installed at the entrance to the site.

Targeted sectors

The chief magistrate argued that his municipality is entitled to legislate the activities of ice fishing on its territory, which extends up to the centre line of the Saguenay river, Cap-à-l Is to Table.

The new regulations target more precisely the area from l’anse-of-the-Descent-of-Women (also called l’anse-d’en-Bas) up to the area of Anse-à-Cléophe. Thus, six sectors of white peach shall be subject to the new requirements of the municipality, explained the mayor Thibeault. In total, about a hundred huts settled usually in these areas during the fishing season.

Variable rates

The installation of a fishing shelter (cabanette) will cost 150$. The cost is $ 75 for the citizens of Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, which offer a discount of 50%, for zones 2 to 6.

Pricing also applies to those who want to go fishing for a day or half a day in a fishing shelter or a temporary shelter. The pricing on a regular basis is set at$ 40 per day and$ 20 for a period of 12h in both cases.

Fishermen who want to install in zone 1, on the site of l’anse-of-the-Descent-of-Women, have to pay $ 370 for the season, or 390$, if their fishing cabin includes a cabanette.

The people who want to fish on foot on the ice or in the vehicle may have to pay$ 20 per day, just like the followers of kite ski.

Dimensions of the huts

The regulation also governs the size of the cabins and their installation. They shall not exceed a height of four metres and may not exceed dimensions of 12 feet by 14 feet.

A vested right is recognized, however, for the huts that were constructed prior to 2012. The huts will also be built using materials that are not durable such as canvas, cardboard, fiber, or polyethylene, among other measures.

A distance of 20 metres will also have to separate the cabins from each other. The diameter of the holes in the ice will also be monitored : it should not exceed eight inches to the outside of the huts and 10 inches inside.


The publication on the website of the municipality of the new regulation, the map of the targeted areas and the pricing in force elicited several reactions on social networks. If he says not to fear for the continuity of the activity of ice fishing and the tourism sector, Laurent Thibeault says however open to optionally re-evaluate the regulation.

“If with the regulation, in the first year of application, there are things that we do or that it was set out that deserve to be watched again and then improved, corrected, or amended, we will do “, has he supported.