The tradition continues for the Jeannois

La tradition se poursuit pour les Jeannois

For the players of the training of the men’s hockey of the Jeannois du Collège d’alma, take part in a tournament outside the province has become a tradition for the Holiday season. The troops of head coach Pascal Hudon will start the year 2019 with a journey to the United States, more precisely in Worcester, Massachusetts.

This annual event serves several objectives for the leaders of the regional team of the school. Players will have the opportunity to not only be controlled by recruiters to academic programs of the NCAA, but a long trip will also weld the team spirit. In recent years, the Jeannois have visited Toronto, Buffalo, new york and Marlborough, also in Massachusetts, where it all began.

“This is not the same place it was before, reminiscent of Pascal Hudon. In Worcester, it is a new tournament and the first edition. In the past, there was talk of showcase, where we went to play three matches. There, it is a real tournament. We will still play three matches, but the semi-finals and a final on Sunday, ” explains the head coach, stating that the travel is included in the annual budget of the team. On a voluntary basis, players are also able to attend a meeting of the Boston Bruins against the Calgary Flames on January 4, a few hours after their arrival.

“I think this is the right time back in January. It allows us to put in the bath. We are going to play three or four games before resuming our season. It puts the blocks a little bit of leave in this manner. At the same time, you get the whole team together. It is good for the team spirit “, to argue Pascal Hudon.

“It’s going to be a nice little trip. The objectives will be to do well and continue where we left in December. We were on a good sequence in our last 16 matches. I want that we take and that we play good hockey right away, starting down there, ” says the head coach, to the effect that in return, he will remain 11 games to play before the end of the season and the start of the playoffs. The training almatoise is installed in 6th place in the standings with 29 points in 25 games


In addition to the Jeannois, the three other teams in the college circuit division 1 will be on site, as well as recruiters from various university programs with the americans. Recruiter with the training jeannoise, Jean-François Doré will be this time the mandate of praising the players and offer more information on them in need. Few players in the provincial circuit have managed to make the way up to the NCAA in recent years. “This is never the main goal of starting to sell our players, but on the other hand, it does not close the door. If the players are approached, the better for them, and we will work to try to place “, to ensure Pascal Hudon.