The store Joubec farm

Le magasin Joubec ferme

The toy shop Joubec, located at Place du Saguenay, will close its doors after nearly 35 years of service. The owner, Gaetane Pilot, has not taken this decision lightly, but did not find respite and had difficulty finding qualified employees.

In the back of his shop, the owner has met The Daily, after having hung the sign of closure notifying customers of the sad news. They were many to come to show their support for the shop. Ms. Driver was very moved.

The official closing is scheduled for the end of February. It is the lack of staff and succession that led to this decision. Ms. Driver has tried to sell but found no buyers. It is now nearly a year and a half she was doing. Without respite, the lady could not continue and new projects with his family.

The owner has stressed on many occasions that the closure was not due to a business matter. “It was going super well. Do not worry. The shop was in very good health, ” said Ms. Driver.

Le magasin Joubec ferme

Gaetane Pilot, owner of the toy store Joubec, announced that it was closing shop, because it has not found a respite, and that she had a lot of difficulty in finding qualified staff.


Problem of labour recurrent

Currently, three people were working in the shop : the owner, his spouse, Mario Vandal and Nada Villeneuve, a clerk who has recently passed his 13th season with the company. Mr. Vandal is retired since 12 years, but helped in the store to compensate for the lack of staff.

As Ms. Driver was not an employee, she and her partner always had to work, this could become difficult.

“For example, I’ve broken my wrist, this is Mario and Nada who have taken on the full responsibility of the shop,” added the owner.

She was looking for quality employees to work in the shop, because the customer service was very important. “There’s no need to hide it, it would be an excellent service. It gave an impeccable service. Each person who was here was important. Each “, has dropped the owner, and emotionally. People were presented, but not for the right reasons, according to Ms. Driver. It was held in support of excellent employees had worked at the shop over the years.

Le magasin Joubec ferme

The stock is currently in liquidation, to the Joubec, in view of the official closing expected at the end of the month of February.



The owner wished to thank the clients who had visited her trade, year after year. They have until the end of February to make their farewells to the trade. All of the merchandise is currently on sale. Ms. Driver wants to get rid of everything.