The SDC is no DG in the last three months

La SDC est sans DG depuis trois mois

The Société de développement commercial (SDC) of the centre of the city of Alma operates without a branch for nearly three months. Mélanie Renaud, who held the position from January 2015, has left his post last October in order to meet new professional challenges.

Since the departure of the director-general, the non-profit organization that is operated, in large part, by the one who holds the position of administrative assistant, Joanie Root.

The president of the board of directors of the SDC from the city center of Alma, Chantale Tremblay, wants to be reassuring to the members. The business woman, well known in the community, says that the whole of the board of directors and Ms. Root have taken over.

According to what he has been enabled to learn, a posting was made two months ago. Impossible to know, although no date has been put forward as to who will succeed Mélanie Renaud. Questioned as to a change of position or structure of the current SDC to the city center of Alma, Ms. smith has declined to comment.

The organization, whose mission is to promote the development of economic, social and cultural centre of the city of Alma, has approximately 190 members. The SDC of the centre of the city of Alma offers a service of promoting events, in particular with the parking space of the Plaza II and the Plaza Cogeco.

According to the information available in the annual report to 2017, the revenues of the SDC amounted to 424 611 $, of which 263 807 $ from the subscriptions.