The PLC chooses a director of child care facilities to oppose Singh

Le PLC choisit une directrice de garderie pour s’opposer à Singh

BURNABY — The liberals in the federal riding of Burnaby South, British Columbia, have chosen a director of child care facilities to lead the fight to the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh on the occasion of the election, which will take place next year.

Karen Wang, this is not her first foray in active politics. In 2017, she was a candidate for the provincial liberals.

The 123 activists have preferred to be an expert in biotechnology, Cyrus Eduljee.

Ms. Wang told the reporters to believe in his chances against Mr. Singh. She emphasized that she remained in the district for 20 years and she has managed to establish deep links with the community.

“He’s not coming here. It cannot represent you, we represent,” said Ms. Wang.

Mr. Trudeau has not yet chosen a date for the election. The constituency is without an mp since the start of the new democrat Kennedy Stewart for mayor of Vancouver. The prime minister must also call elections in the counties of Outremont, Quebec, and York-Simcoe, Ontario.

The by-election in Burnaby-South represents the toughest test that will be required to undergo Mr Singh since his arrival at the head of the NDP.

In 2015, the NDP had won by just over 500 votes.

The conservatives have chosen the lawyer Jay Shin, while green Party leader Elizabeth May has already announced that its formation will not present a candidate.

The chief of the popular Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, account appoint a candidate within the next two weeks, said his spokesman Martin Massé.

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