The new challenges to Catherine Fleury

Les nouveaux défis de Catherine Fleury

The next year promises to be intense for Catherine Fleury. In addition to begin her clerkship in medicine, the Almatoise will continue his career in top-level athletes in mountain biking, with as objective a selection on the national team for the world Championships, presented by 2019 at Mont-Sainte-Anne.

To achieve its purposes, the young 24 year old woman intends to model its schedule of competitions, as a result, in the company of his coach Jude Dufour, club Cyclone d’alma.

“We’re going to target competitions specific to allow me to combine my studies and the mountain bike,” announced Catherine Fleury, confirming that the tests of the national circuit, the Canada Cup will be the priority, in addition to at least one selection race in Europe to compete with the world elite.

His calendar, however, remains to be confirmed, all the more that Fleury admits embark on an adventure that few athletes have experienced.

“This is the first time that I’m going to experiment with this workload and there is not a lot of people who have combined the two, so I can’t really ask anyone to help me,” she grinned.

Les nouveaux défis de Catherine Fleury

Medical student, Catherine Fleury is going to spend a lot of time in hospitals over the next few months, but it will also lead to know a good season on a mountain bike.


Catherine Fleury began his clerkship in medicine the 7th of January, for a period of one year and a half. It will be called on to move in the hospitals in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, like a real employee, with all the obligations that follow.

“It is another challenge, she said. We have a boss who gives us a schedule containing several hours of work per week, in addition to guard the end of the week, evening or night. We are going to actually live the reality of a doctor.”

After 18 months of clerkship, the student will then be able to choose the stream that turns the most, before throwing himself to at least two more years of studies.

“I really like it and it is for this reason that I combine the medicine and the bicycle, said Catherine Fleury. I have two passions, but this time, I decided to put more time on the medicine. I like to do both and this is what motivates me. I can sometimes find the time along a little bit when I dedicate myself fully to the bike. I also love to learn things in medicine and it is why I decided to combine the two.”

Like many athletes, Catherine Fleury, has thought about some of the upcoming summer olympic Games, presented in 2020 in Tokyo. The next season will be used as a screening process to earn points, but the main concerned has decided to choose its priorities.

“I would like to say that this is possible, but I have made choices in academic and I know that other Canadian women put all their “focus” on the sport, has put in context the athlete. I dreamed and I believed it, but this is not my goal. The amount of work put in to qualifying for the olympic games would interfere with my ability to go to school.”