The heirs of the disco will bring to Saint-Prime

Les héritiers du disco s’amènent à Saint-Prime

The party should stand up, Friday night, at the Old Convent of Saint-Prime, with the visit of the eclectic troupe Barry Paquin Roberge, who presents himself as the heir to the disco quebecers the best years.

“It’s a little bit of disco psychedelic, riding on several times. This is the music fun, party. We are big fans of disco music in quebec. It is often forgotten that Montreal was really a capital of disco music in the 70’s. It is this ‘vibe’ here that you’re looking for, the harmonies of the BeeGees, Beach Boys, etc, It is very open, ” says Stephen Barry, who is one of the three founding members of the group well-known on the nightlife scene in montreal.

First visit

For their first visit in g jeannois, which is also the second-to-last show of the year in the group, the troupe at the start of Stephen Barry, Alexis Roberge and Sébastien Paquin is now accompanied by Jonathan Lafrance, Anna Frances Meyer, and Jocelyn Won the harmonies and percussion.

The current group plays together for a little over a year and just returned from a tour that was conducted in Iceland, in Germany and in Latin America.

“It is a bit of an exploratory mission, a cultural exchange between the governments of Québec and Chile who are coming to the groups for stuff like M for Montreal. We went to the discovery of a different audience. It is a process of pure discovery play in front of people who have no idea you’re that, ” says Stephen Barry, who handles the notes perched high up to the BeeGees during the shows.

Barry Paquin Roberge, it is full of original songs that are played on stage, but that can’t be found – for now – on an album, but according to Stephen Barry, the group will enter the studio next year.

The video clips of the troupe, including the suggestion of the group, Pawnshop Bargain, however, are available on the YouTube website.

The tickets for the show on Friday evening, which begin as early as 21 h, are on sale at the general admission at a cost of $22.

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