The happy marathon Michael

L'heureux marathon de Michaël

Michaël is mounted on the stage 25 times in 24 days during the Holiday season. Far from being out of breath by this marathon, he began a new series of shows that will take him into his home region on four occasions in the course of the next few weeks. He then set to work to launch his fifth album, their first as an author-composer-interpreter.

Michael barely had time to breathe during the Holiday season. He took part in the spectacle of Christmas, a tradition in song, which brought together on stage, eight artists, among whom was also the Jonquiéroise original Annie Villeneuve. “My goal was to succeed in my 25 Midnight, Christians,” says he, laughing during a phone interview.

Michael appreciates these moments where he shares the scene with accomplices. In recent months, he has had the opportunity to do so repeatedly.

In the fall, he participated in the show Francostalgie, a musical revue that brings together success francophones who have marked the history of music between the years 1965 and 1995.

A dozen representations have been provided by the quartet that he composed with Maxime Landry, Vanessa Duchel and Éléonore Lagacé. A few dates appear in the schedule of the next few days. The show will then be in residence at the Capitole de Québec throughout the summer. “We will be more than forty performances. I’ll be in Quebec for a good part of the summer”, points out that for that the summer months may be very busy. Michael hopes to do, for example, a few passages in Sherbrooke, where he has camped Ziggy in the show a tribute to Starmania Quebec Issime last summer.

“I have so much loved camper this role. It was a revelation to me. I would like to be able to do two shows this summer. There are possibilities of replacing both sides. We look at the possibilities.”

Before moving to the Place Nikkitotek of Sherbrooke, Québec Issime sings Starmania will tour which began on 18 January, in the Saguenay. The production will be presented in the Salle François-Brassard in Jonquière as the benefit performance of Saguenay en Neige.

Even if the productions of the group occupy much of his time, Michael does not put between brackets his solo career so far.

L'heureux marathon de Michaël

Michael is part of the show Francostalgie, a musical revue that will be presented throughout the summer at the Capitole de Québec.


At the output of The Voice, in 2017, it has quickly established the show In the opposite direction that he walks since. This show premiered at the Theatre National Bank in the fall of 2017 will lead to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean by the end of the month. First, the 25 January, at the salle Desjardins Maria-Chapdelaine de Dolbeau-Mistassini and then on the 26th at the salle Pierrette-Gaudreault, du Mont-Jacob in Jonquière and the 27 in the Box, Blueberries, Alma.

“I’m glad to come back with us, the show has evolved over the past year,” says the singer, originally from Bégin, happy to have a job at the time if loaded.

L'heureux marathon de Michaël

Michael will present his show In the opposite direction to Dolbeau-Mistassini, January 25, at the salle Pierrette-Gaudreault, du Mont-Jacob in Jonquière 26 and the Box of Blueberries, Alma 27.


“I can’t complain at this time. I know that there are years where there is less opening. For the past two years, it runs, but you never know what can happen. I like best to juggle with schedules that ask me what will happen.”

The singer board also on a new album, his fifth career, but his first as an author-composer-interpreter. He hopes to see it on the shelves before the end of 2019.

“I would like it to be an album of songs, completely original. I want to be a songwriter to 75%, but I leave a little room for a few collaborations. This time, nobody is going to make me change idea. Every time I do collaborations, I realize that I do a lot of compromise. It is an independent project. No one is waiting after me. I gave myself a ‘deadline’ but there is no official date of release. I think in the fall of 2019.”

Michael believes that building its own parts is the next step in his artistic career.

“I feel that I am there. I have many things to say, and there are several songs on which I started working. My specific goal is to go to the end of something, of my creative process. If I encounter an obstacle, I will give a call to the talented people with whom I have already worked”, he explains. In 2019, I change my way of seeing things. I don’t want to try to please. I want to do something that makes me “triper” and I hope that people will take with them”, he concludes.

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