The biathlete Adrianna Émond Canada Games

La biathlète Adrianna Émond aux Jeux du Canada

The dream that caressed the Laterroise Adrianna Émond has materialized at the end of last week, at Valcartier. The biathlete of 19-year-old has indeed got his ticket for the Canada Games which will be held from 15 February to 3 march.

In a telephone interview, the biathlete who began its eighth season in this discipline will, in effect, the Quebec in the company of the other three members of the women’s team and the foursome male quebec during the tests, scheduled from 15 to 22 February. In his case, the first race is scheduled for 17 February.

The selection held at the end of last week in Valcartier, is part of two major appointments included to the agenda of the student in human sciences at the Cégep de Chicoutimi this season. “Go to the Canada Games, it was my long-term goal for several years. As it was my only chance this year, I was really happy to have passed my selection. And for the rest of the year, it remains for me to fine-tune a few small things in view of the canadian Championships”, she explains.

Since the beginning of the season, she had taken part in some races of cross-country skiing or biathlon in Quebec and Canmore (Quebec Cup and Noram).

Good start

These competitions were used in preparation for the selection. And it has paid off, as she has had a great start to the competition. “We had three races in the program, and it has really well been when the first held on Thursday. It was really a beautiful race. It all worked according to plan. I felt good and it was perfect. I therefore gave confidence to the other races,” says the one who begins his first season with the juniors.

However, Saturday’s race was the opposite and nothing has worked. “But I still got good results, which has allowed me to release the pressure for the last race on Sunday because I was pretty sure to be qualified. They took the two best results of the three races and even though I’d done a race average Saturday, it put me into a good position to be on the team.”

At the Canada Games, Adrianna Émond don’t know what to expect in terms of opposition. “But I would like to make a success of a top-15 or even a top-10,” she says. The Québec will have to deal with a strong party, including with the province of Alberta. “The Alberta women are really strong because they train at the national Centre (based in Alberta).” In addition to welcome the best Canadian at the national Center, there is also the presence of the national team which encourages the overflow. In addition, they will not have to deal with the offset.

On the other hand, being qualified for the Canada Games, Adrianna Émond has at the same time obtained its ticket to the national Championships. There also, she does not know what to expect in terms of opposition, but a top-10 would be a very pleasant surprise.