The beginning of hostilities the provincial Tournament hockey atom of Chicoutimi

Début des hostilités au Tournoi provincial de hockey atome de Chicoutimi

The 27th edition of the provincial Tournament hockey atom of Chicoutimi took to the skies Thursday with the presentation of the 16 parts on the rinks arena of the Plateau in Chicoutimi-Nord and the arena of the UNIVERSITY in classes AA, A, and B.

The inaugural game of the competition was to grapple with two teams of Sags of Chicoutimi in the AA. The Sags 3 emerged winners with a victory of 3 to 2 in front of the Sags 4.

A little earlier, the Sags 1 have won 3-1 in the face Sags 2. The third game of the class AA was to the taken Royal de Métabetchouan and the Eaglets of Alma. The Royal beat the Eaglets in the account to 2-0.

In the class, include the victories of city-Dwellers, Elites and Cougars, while the Marquis and the Dynamos have made a draw.

It is in the class B that the calendar was the most responsible. The Marquis took the opportunity to notch up two wins, while the Monarch 1 and 2 of St. Ambrose and the Dynamos have finished the day with a record of a victory and a defeat. The Marquis have won both their matches, and the Extremes have suffered two setbacks.

Always in B class, the Orioles have won their only game of the day, just like the Titans, the Urban and the Rebels. Finally, a confrontation between the Elites and the Cougars settled for a 1-1.

The action starts on Friday with the presentation of more than 20 games. Teams from outside the region will make their entrance on the stage and games will be played on the ice 1 of the Centre Jean-Claude Tremblay of The Bay. Jonathan Hudon