Stopped in the opposite direction on the boulevard Saguenay

Arrêtée en sens inverse sur le boulevard Saguenay

A 49 year old woman was intercepted by the police of Saguenay on Tuesday evening while she was riding in the wrong lane on the boulevard Saguenay while being visibly intoxicated.

Around 20 h, the driver came from the Dubuc bridge and to ride on the left lane in direction west, to Kenogami, then she would have rather been on the other side of the road. By chance, the first vehicle as she crossed turned out to be one of the agents in full patrol.

“The police have seen it happened to the vehicle in front of them. They have turned on the lights and the lady stopped a few meters from the autopatrouille,” says lieutenant Denis Harvey of the Service de police de Saguenay.

The woman, who seemed very intoxicated, refused to take the test of the breathalyzer and will have to appear in court in a few weeks to respond to accusations likely to driving while impaired.

His vehicle was also seized by the forces of law and order.

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