Snowboardcross: Baptiste Brochu of new braked in the eighth-final

Snowboardcross: Baptiste Brochu de nouveau freiné en huitième de finale

For a second day in a row, Baptiste Brochu has been slowed down in round eighth-finals on Saturday during the second race of the world Cup snowboardcross at Cerninia, Italy. The Baieriverain has gained a few ranks to conclude on the 28th.

The night before, Baptiste Brochu was ranked in 31st position. The qualification laid down earlier in the day of Saturday has been cancelled due to high winds so all the competitors have reached the play-off round. Brochu finished third in her first wave to advance, but finished fourth in the second round to see their day come to an end. His compatriot Danny Bourgeois outpaced at the finish line to gain access to the next round, being eliminated in the quarter-final to finish in 19th position. “A beautiful day! It ventait a lot, which made the racing pretty difficult. Personally, it is certain that I still hope to have better results, but today I am happy to finish inside the top-20, ” commented the rider of 22 years at the Network Sportcom.

The best performance in canada was carried out by veteran Kevin Hill who has managed to sneak up to the semi-final to offer a tenth position in the overall standings. The competition was the case of the Italian Emmanuel Perathoner, while the winner of Friday, the German Martin Noerl has won the bronze medal. The American Jake Vedder has taken the second place on the podium.

Baptiste Brochu will be back in Quebec in the next few hours and will spend the Holiday season in the region. It will then travel to Alberta at the beginning of the month of January to participate in a training camp with the rest of the canadian team, in anticipation of the world Championships that will take place in Solitude, Utah at the beginning of the month of February.

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