Shauit starts the season at the Old Convent of Saint-Prime

Shauit lance la saison au Vieux-Couvent de Saint-Prime

The honor to start the winter season 2019 of concerts in the Old Convent of Saint-Prime returns to Shauit, an author-composer and performer from Maliotenam, on quebec’s North Shore. More than just a spectacle, this first meeting brings together, in addition to a musician, two artists from the region, Émilie Desmeules and Sonia Robertson, and wants to create links between the nations.

To the director-general of the Corporation of the Sexton, Marie-Eve Guy, it is important that the inhabitants of the municipality of Saint-Prime are trying to collaborate more frequently with Mashteuiatsh, the neighbor with which it could interact more. The corporation attempts to make bridges for the past three years.

The project culminates on January 18, began this fall. “We have combined classes of First nations children with classes in Saint-Prime, so that they work together,” she explains.

Shauit lance la saison au Vieux-Couvent de Saint-Prime

The artist did two performances, one on January 17 for the young and the 18, open to the general public.


The reserve of the first moments, quickly left his place to a friendship. “The young people were embarrassed in the first meeting, but after the second, they jasaient and exchanged phone numbers,” said Ms. Guy, stating that students in primary and secondary schools in Saint-Prime and Mashteuiatsh were involved in the adventure.

Technical craft

The idea, in this project, was to build connections both literally and figuratively. In fact, the two neighbouring nations have learned the technique of the ornamentation traditional clothes and manual labor. “The participants worked on pieces of felt about a foot and a half. They have learned to wet, beating and rubbing, working with materials such as the hair of the beaver and feathers”, explains Marie-Eve Guy.

The young students have thus made a collective work, in collaboration with each other and that will be presented to the public on Friday the 18. All the pieces will be attached to each other, in a sort of quilt. It is this work that will be presented during a vernissage. The whole was overseen by the artists Émilie Desmeules and Sonia Robertson.


On the musical side, a first delivery of Shauit for the young public will be held on Thursday, January 17.

The next day, the Old Convent will host the opening of this work, and the public show of Shauit. The parts of Shauit are inspired by the traditional music of the native. There is a mixture of influences of folk, country, rock and reggae. The artist sings in French, English, creole, and innu.