Several large trials to be monitored in 2019

Plusieurs grands procès à surveiller en 2019

Three on trial for murder and another for a case of shaken baby should hold the attention in 2019 in the palace of justice in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

Alleged murderer of Israel Gauthier-Nepton, Marc-Etienne Side should know April 11, at the opening of the term of criminal superior Court of Québec, what to expect.

Marc-Etienne Side is accused of first-degree murder. It would be shot in the back of his victim in November 2016. The victim is output, a current, a housing of the rue du Vieux-Pont in Jonquière, where he was in the company of a friend, and has been reached, fatally.

The main suspect had taken the powder cleared off after the gestures. He was one of 10 the most wanted men in Quebec to this day in the month of August 2017 where he was captured at Montreal.

It has undergone its preliminary investigation and has been summoned to trial in January 2018. His counsel, mr. Sébastien Saint-Laurent, has recently filed a petition for writ of certiorari to quash the decision of the trial judge to have sent the accused for trial. If this were to be accepted, could be freed of the charges filed against him.

Villeneuve in front of a jury ?

In addition, Karl-Emmanuel Villeneuve could have the right to a trial before a judge and jury for the first degree murder of Alexandre Larouche, occurred at the end of the month of July on the street, Johanna, to Chicoutimi-Nord. It has undergone its preliminary inquiry in the fall and has been cited to trial too.

It could be that the parties shall determine a date in April of next year.

Plusieurs grands procès à surveiller en 2019


After the murder of Lac-Bouchette

This is the third homicide, it is of Jonathan Girard, an individual native of Jonquière, which would put an end to the days of his father, Sylvain, on December 16, 2018. He was accused of murder in the second degree, arson causing death and contempt of a corpse.

As the event has barely occur, we may think that it will be some time yet before we speak of the holding of a trial.

The investigators of the Squad of the crimes against the person of the Sûreté du Québec will be required to complete their work and establish all of the elements in connection with the murder and the fire that followed in order to disguise the drama.

Shaken baby

The date of 11 April has also been retained for the file of the babysitter Stephanie Frenette. It is accused of aggravated assault on a toddler of 22 months, which has kept significant sequelae.

The guardian has been targeted as being responsible for such an act occurred in February 2017. His house of the rue Bégin, Chicoutimi, has been sacked and she had to move to Quebec.

In December, his lawyer, mr. Julien Boulianne, has filed with the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) expertise of a medical specialist in Quebec with respect to studies and analyses that the doctor has carried out. The DPCP will submit the document to its own expert, and a decision could then be taken on the continuation of the judicial proceedings.

The wife of the individual who has five children to his daughter-in-law should also stand trial, on march 25, 2019, for having participated in having sex with his own daughter.

Machiavellian Plan

Jimmy Bouchard, behind bars for two years waiting for a sequel in its own folder. He is accused of having planned the murder of his ex-spouse to Dolbeau-Mistassini. Bouchard had been a part of his plan, and had sought to hire a person to do the job.

Plusieurs grands procès à surveiller en 2019

Marc-Etienne Side


The officers of the SQ have been notified of the machiavellian plan of Bouchard and him have set a trap by sending an undercover agent to which Bouchard has offered to do the work. The accused was arrested and appeared before the court in December 2016. Since then, he waits. It could unlock in 2019.

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