Robin Tremblay, the ace of the salsa

Robin Tremblay, l'as de la salsa

The dancer originally from Roberval, Robin Tremblay, has realized one of his dreams in the beginning of the year. The one for whom the practice of the salsa is a story of passion has reached the finals of the World Salsa Summit. He is ranked fifth in the world with his partner Julia Hayko among amateurs.

The competition, which features events of salsa and bachata for five days, welcomes dancers from around the world. There are participants from both Europe, Latin America and North America. The judges who select the winners of the different categories are all leading experts in their field.

It is live from Miami, while this week’s crazy was coming to an end Sunday, as Robin Tremblay responded to the questions of Everyday life. The one who has founded his own company providing it support in the Lac-Saint-Jean and is now a business from Montreal was proud of the work done and its results.

“In my class, there were about sixty couples. We went to the finals. They took ten couples, it was ranked fifth. My goal is to pursue. May be to win ranks and have a podium next year, ” says the one who describes himself as a passionate dance.

Robin Tremblay, l'as de la salsa

Robin Tremblay and his partner Julia Hayko ranked fifth in the world in their category at the World Salsa Summit.



Younger, Robin Tremblay has hesitated between starting a business and dance. Having made the choice to launch first in business, he returns to the dance at the turn of the thirties. “In parallel, I began to practice the dance social and I fell in love with the dances typically Latin, bachata, merengue, all these things “, he says, adding that this is the group spirit and the desire to make of the scene that drive at that time, rather than doing competitions.

This participation in the dance team will perform on stage in several cities of America, from Bermuda to Los Angeles, via New York.


After a pause, Robin Tremblay has returned more seriously to the salsa the last year. It is his entourage that pushes him to engage in competitive dance. “My coach was that I had a good level. It has encouraged me. I was there as a dancer. It was the right time, I had a good level of fitness, ” says the one who describes himself as one of the oldest participants at the World Salsa Summit.

Robin Tremblay would not have been able to obtain such good results without the complicity he has with his partner, Julia Hayko, with whom he shared this adventure.

“We started to work together in a troop. It was a beautiful connection together. When we talk about connection, it’s as much on the human level and on the level of the dance. It is similar in many ways, ” explains Mr. Tremblay.

If Julia Hayko hope to be heading towards a career as a professional dancer, Robin Tremblay, the fifth place in a competition of the most identified represents one of his greatest personal achievements.

“This is the heart and the passion that drives me to go there,” says the dancer a native of Roberval, on the eve of his return to Quebec.