Robert Hakim wants to meet Diffusion Saguenay

Robert Hakim veut rencontrer Diffusion Saguenay

Developer Robert Hakim believes that the appointment of new directors to Diffusion Saguenay opens interesting perspectives. After years of hostility between the two parties, it welcomes the signals sent by the director-general, Isabelle Gagnon, and wants to meet her at the beginning of the new year to address a variety of folders.

“The atmosphere is no longer the same since the arrival of Isabelle Gagnon and the president, Phil Desgagné.

After ten years of a plan that was not very open to collaborations with the private broadcasters, it is the day and the night, the light at the end of the tunnel, ” said the boss of the Productions Hakim, the international Festival of Rhythms of the world, as well as the beer Festival of the world of Saguenay, in the course of an interview with the Progress.

One of the topics he intends to address is the rental of the rooms that Diffusion Saguenay assumes the management.

They were hardly accessible in the past, but could accommodate other shows that those that are a part of the programming of the broadcaster.


It must, however, overcome some of the obstacles for the private.

“I think particularly at the Théâtre Palace Arvida, which should reopen its doors in the fall. My preference would have been that the room will be administered by the private sector, but as this will not be the case, I wish there was an opening vis-à-vis the producers in the region, organising performances, not just me, ” said Robert Hakim, including the managers of places such as the Old Theatre, the venue for the Calypso, the Bistro Café Summum and the 4 Barrels.

It is estimated that the rental costs should be eased for these actors of the cultural scene.

In the same vein, the sale of alcohol should be the subject of negotiations, in the same way as the service of the ticket.

Both represent important sources of income, in fact, a reality that is even more tangible since the collapse of the market of the disk.

“The artists compensate by asking for bigger paychecks. Even when the room is full, it is necessary to rely on the sale of alcohol and the ticketing fee to make a profit. I am of the opinion that Diffusion Saguenay is able to respond positively to these requests, and that within the new direction, there is a willingness to do, ” says Robert Hakim.



When Robert Hakim mentions a potential partnership with Distribution Saguenay, relatively at Théâtre Palace Arvida, a part of his attention is turned toward The Auteuil. Co-owner of this room, which recently re-opened its doors in Quebec city, on rue Saint-Joseph, he believes that these locations have several things in common.

“They have gauges similar, which can accommodate 400 people seated and 600 standing. In Quebec, it is a format that is advantageous, since there is little competition within this format. It is more big or more small. The market is open and as many rooms to reserve the best dates to comedy clubs, a phenomenon that has been observed in all regions, there are interesting possibilities on the side of the song, ” explained the promoter.

Another point of convergence relates to the nature of the shows. He believes that The Auteuil and the Theatre Palace Arvida provide an ideal setting for proposals espousing a festive character. Giving the example of the Loud, Three Chords and the Cowboys Fringants, Robert Hakim sees opportunities for synergies that could be realized in the medium term.

Responsible for the programming at Auteuil, while the administrative arm is headed by his partner, André Gagné, the festival Woodstock en Beauce, it will be well placed to identify projects that may be realised in Québec city and Saguenay. “The room that we just opened, it is a gift to the middle of the song and the idea is to make travel shows,” urges the promoter.

He adds that by 31 December, The D’auteuil welcomes, the Porn Flakes and various guests. Will follow a break that will stretch until February, so that the programming of the winter will be unveiled. In addition to performances offered by the owners of the room, known previously under the name of the Circle, some of which will be offered by artists who make a rental.