Retirement for Elliott Doyle

La retraite pour Elliott Doyle

After a nice career to criss-cross the roads anywhere in the world on his bicycle, to the time of retirement has struck for Elliott Doyle. The cyclist takes this decision with serenity after having matured a few years.

The one who will be 25 years old in January will finish her university studies at the faculty of pharmacy of Laval University in the spring of 2020. The next 18 months will be mainly devoted to training and the labour market the next. It is through this calculation that Doyle has decided to hang up his handlebar.

“My next summer is going to be my last as a student and in 2020, I’ll be a pharmacist, argued the Almatois. I’ll prefer to exercise my profession than running on the circuit québécois. Even if I had an offer with a pro-continental team, I would not think that I would accept it. So I can say that yes, I take my retirement.”

Member of the professional team Silber Pro Cycling for four years, from 2013 to 2016, Elliott Doyle has been part of the team Garneau-Quebecor two years ago, before focussing especially on the racing circuit quebec last summer, with the training Bike Cartel. Vice-champion of the season 2018 at the Mardis cyclistes de Lachine, he had to actually work hard to maintain a level of optimum form.

“I’ve found it quite hard to fill in my calendar from quebec, has agreed Doyle. It should still be in shape and it is really big class on the provincial circuit. You must not lie idle and it takes several hours of training per week. It was practically impossible to take more than two or three consecutive days off. I found it hard last summer, so I told myself that it was enough.”

The future pharmacist has confessed that the idea to detach from the competitive world of road cycling was in his head for at least three years.

“I still enjoy competition, but mostly when I don’t have the pressure of performance, he qualified. It is sure that I will continue to make regional racing by road bike, mountain bike or cross-country skiing in the winter, but for the pleasure and without the cuff! Now I’m going to just have fun on my bike.”

Jokingly, Elliott Doyle has said that, like high-level athletes, it would also complete a cycle olympic in 2020. Except that instead of being an olympian in Tokyo, he was going to be a pharmacist at Alma!

The new pensioner now plans to give back to young people by involving the athletes of the Club Proco Alma. In addition to his four seasons with the training Silber Pro Cycling, Doyle considers as the most beautiful moments of his victory in the criterium at BC Superweek, in 2016, in addition to his participation in the Tour de Beauce in 2015, while during the third step, he had helped his teammate Matteo Dal-Cin to reach the summit of mount Mégantic by a cold day.

“Matteo was zigzagging on the road and I pushed it up to the top, and then in the past year, and this year he won this stage,” remembered Elliott Doyle.