Provincial tournament atom: champions crowned

Tournoi provincial atome: les champions couronnés

The 27th edition of the provincial Tournament atom Chicoutimi came to an end on Sunday with the crowning of the champions in classes AA, A and B. The Sags 2 of Saguenay, Puffins Havre-Saint-Pierre and the Patriots of Saguenay have won top honors in their respective class.

In the final of the AA, the Sags 2 have beaten their twin Sags 3 thanks to a victory of 3-0. Gabriel Gagné scored two goals and Jacob Gauthier scored the other.

In class A, the long travel to the Puffins of Havre-Saint-Pierre has not been made in vain. In the final, they have defeated the Governors of Sainte-Foy 5-2. Tied 2-2 after two periods, the Puffins were counted three times in the third to walk away with the title.

Finally, in class B, the Patriots of Saguenay have been a need for the extension to defeat the Marquis de Saguenay. A goal of Raphael Savard has brought a victory of 3-2 for the Patriots. Olivier Lortie also well done to the winners by putting the first two goals of his team.

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