Promising start for Jackpot in Alma

Début prometteur pour Jackpot à Alma

A new show has had a promising start in recent weeks. Presented at the hotel Universel, Alma, and then at the Delta hotel in Jonquière, this production, entitled Jackpot has been designed by the same team that the Coco Fiesta and meets a similar need. It aims to immerse the public in a festive atmosphere, thanks to dance numbers, combined with animations, borrowing the theme of the casino.

Six dancers, three men and three women have given life to the concept developed by the founders of the Productions Zan, Suzanna Gaudreault and Charlie Desharnais. Accomplices since they always like to juggle with several ideas simultaneously, to such an extent that it became a second nature. It is as well as a year ago, one of these projects, Jackpot, has been elevated to the rank of priority.

“We have retained this idea, even if we are not girls of casino. This universe is fascinating. It gave birth to characters embodied by the dancers, of people such as the lady of the heart, the player millionaire and the jokers. We also have a number, which refers to the slot machines. You can see the fruits that should align in groups of three to make a winner “, described Suzanna Gaudreault during an interview with the Progress.

As soon as the dinner, the attention of the guests is sought by artists. They evolve on two small stages, in addition to performing choreography on the floor.

Sometimes, they turn into dealers, but not to play the money in the bank. “It has built-in interactive games, the animation that takes place during the meal,” said Charlie Desharnais.

Début prometteur pour Jackpot à Alma

Several built-in animations in Jackpot solicit the talent of the dancers recruited by les Productions Zan. They are six in total, and their work is very physical at the same time as demanding at the technical level.


She noted that the work of the dancers is very physical and also very technical. The numbers they run are different from those that have made the reputation of the Coconut Fiesta where Latin rhythms, hip-hop, occupy a place of choice.

“In Jackpot, it is more likely on the jazz and the musical comedy,” observed Suzanna Gaudreault.

“This universe is fascinating. It gave birth to characters embodied by the dancers, of people such as the lady of the heart, the player millionaire and the jokers. ”

Suzanna Gaudreault

Another distinction is the presence of songs in French, indicates Charlie Desharnais. “We are inspired by the popular music and we use parts in French because well, it is easier to tell stories “, sets out in giving the example of the Boom Boom Boom, the success of Mika. It serves as an anchor to a choreography featuring the lady of heart.

The performances Alma and Jonquière have found that Jackpot fulfilled its mandate.

The public has been enthusiastic, not hesitating to tread the dance floor at the end of the evening, led by the members of the team. “It was pleasing to see unfold the concept we had imagined. The public reaction has been fantastic, ” says Charlie Desharnais.



Début prometteur pour Jackpot à Alma

During the evening, the artists associated with Jackpot will go to the meeting to the public. Several events are centered on the theme of the casino, as well as illustrated in this photo.


As early as the fall of 2019, and Jackpot, and the Coco Fiesta will be presented at the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, and possibly to the outside. These productions festive character will be shown before the christmas Holidays and already, companies and groups have expressed the desire to book seats, confirm the co-Productions Zan, Suzanna Gaudreault and Charlie Desharnais.

“The Coco Fiesta, it is clear that she will be returning to the Saguenay, at a location still to be determined. There were seven evenings during the season in 2018, all in Chicoutimi. It was less than the previous year, but by revising the layout of the room, we’ve welcomed more of the world, nearly 400 people each appointment,” says Charlie Desharnais.

As for Jackpot, it will be the second version, the duo is in search of a room where it will be able to refine the concept, serving a customer base substantial. Can the market absorb this new product, is estimated, in fact, Suzanna Gaudreault. “We do not feel decrease in this regard, and the groups attracted by our two events are varied. It’s going to school boards for auto dealers, through the salons.”

Dwelling on the last-born, Charlie Desharnais considers that the changes are at the margin. “It will enhance the decor and refine the concept by improving the interactions of the dancers with the public. However, we know that what works well in this production, it is the proximity. It will also preserve the next festive”, she observed.

Another advantage of Jackpot relates to travel. It must be based on a structure light enough that it can be present in different locations, without compromising its profitability. For its part, the Coco Fiesta is ready to stay a little longer in the same place, which does not prevent the Productions Zan considered a breakthrough in Quebec by the end of 2019