Pile-up on the 175: one lane re-opened

Carambolage sur la 175: une voie rouverte

A dozen vehicles were involved in a pile-up in the wildlife Reserve of the Laurentians Thursday morning. The road has been completely closed southbound for more than two hours has been partially re-opened to traffic around 13h.

The accident happened around 10: 40 am. Paramedics and police were called in to the mile 169 where several vehicles were involved in a pile-up.

“The vehicles involved are on a few kilometres away,” underlines Hugues Beaulieu, spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec.

A user has filmed its passage close to the accident:

Credit: Jean-François Audet

The accident had been a few minor injuries. Some had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital.

The road has been completely closed, and then a route could be re-opened to traffic. A queue of vehicles of almost four kilometres was formed.

The weather conditions are very bad in the Laurentides wildlife Reserve Thursday.

During the passage of Everyday, blowing snow significantly reduced visibility. The snow covered also the icy road.

More details to come.