One more tool for the CIDAL

Un outil de plus pour la CIDAL

The CIDAL (Corporation innovation & development, Alma, Lac-Saint-Jean Is) continues its mission by providing support to those who would like to make the jump into the world of entrepreneurship. Information sessions on this subject will now be offered on a monthly basis.

The objective of these information sessions is to equip participants and, ultimately, to sow the seeds of entrepreneurs.

“It is a work upstream, in the seed business. It’s not necessary to have a business plan. It is to demystify entrepreneurship, ” says the communications consultant Maryanne Guénette.

On The Internet

The development advisors CIDAL will offer free group workshops. They are open to all. Also, the registration form that wants to be simple is a confirmation of the absence of a judgment of the course participants. It is available on the website of the corporation.

Participants will receive a variety of tools, including a guide. “It is a very complete product. It wants to be like the ABC’s of entrepreneurship, ” adds Maryanne Guénette.

While the first session is scheduled for 25 January next, the CIDAL promises to be sensitive to the demands and requirements of the customer. The appointments are planned, for the moment, on the last Friday of each month.