MarieChantal Chassé has need of support [ANALYSIS]

MarieChantal Chassé a besoin de support [ANALYSE]

ANALYSIS / If François Legault and his entourage had to repeat today their council of ministers, they do renommeraient not MarieChantal Chassé to the head of the ministry of the Environment and the Fight against climate change. It is self-evident. The office of the prime minister, some have cold sweats when they hear the minister answer questions from the media.

François Legault and his chief of staff, Martin Koskinen, can not decently, however, resolve the situation by a mini-cabinet reshuffle in the short term.

First, because we do not have people like that, as quickly, and they know it. It leaves the chance to the riders. Then, because such an operation would initially be interpreted as a setback — that no government wants to — and, very quickly, as evidence of a mistake that they themselves made at the start.

Ms. Chassé is in position. They have to do with for some time; for a time the decent.

They bear responsibility for having appointed to this position became critical. They must, therefore, bear — the bear in both senses of the term : that is to say, to do with it and with the situation, with its lack of insurance and the lack of knowledge she has of this universe. And the support in the direction of provide her with the support she needs. This is the most important.

In the life of a government, it is not abnormal that a ministerial reshuffle would take place before the end of the first year in power. There are always adjustments to make. But, normally and decently, this is the first reshuffle-fit caquiste should not occur until at least the month of June next, before the release of parliamentary.

If he provides the required support, MarieChantal Chassé may be surprised to here there.

This is only if it provides the support that the government will be able to go beyond the simple denunciation of the”inaction” of the government Couillard in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions; in other words, that if he is fully committed to move in this direction. To say that Alberta’s oil is dirty does not replace a plan of action. It would be too easy!

Either way, a minister can do nothing all alone. It needs the support of his entire government. Government action, to say it otherwise.

Talk to the convinced and convincing Nicolas Hulot, ex-minister of the Transition, ecological and solidarity based in France. He slammed the door of the government Macron at the end of 15 months because he felt inadequately supported.


In general, the prime minister François Legault and his chief of staff were named the players who are set to skate in a short time with ease on the ice policy, including several recruits.

The snags occurred when ministers have ventured into folders that are not, strictly speaking, their own. The president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, was illustrated this week by talking about the third link between Quebec city and Lévis. If his speech was full of good sense, it was more of an appearance of a hitch than a real hitch.

Such episodes have been rare, however. And for good reason : of the 26 government ministers Legault, most have been in the media discrete. They do not speak publicly that if it is necessary.

What a contrast with the early days of the government of Pauline Marois, where many ministers were arguing the light of the cameras and did not cease to comment on just about anything! Kai had been born a certain cacophony.

For better and for worse, the cabinet of François Legault has imposed a related discipline in-house. This is what contributes to the time to give such an impression of ease general on the ice policy. Especially because, unlike the others, this government is not composed of players with egos to be oversized, or that are allowed to show up here. It helps.