Many gestures

De nombreux gestes déplacés

In 2018, people find themselves in a modern society where the acts that moved should no longer exist. However, to see the many defendants who are paraded in the palace of justice for crimes of a sexual nature, it is necessary to believe that it happens always.

On 21 November, the man who has five children to his daughter-in-law, and who has been sentenced to six years in penitentiary for assault, is back in court to learn that he was facing 22 new charges.

He is accused of having sexually assaulted his two sisters between 1968 and 1975. He got blow jobs almost every day in the back of the school from its sisters. He pleaded guilty on 13 December and was sentenced to an additional punishment of four years in penitentiary. He has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in total for these sex crimes.

As for his wife, she has been committed for trial for having participated in the engage in sexual activity between her husband and her own daughter. It will take place in march.


In addition, the Chicoutimien Daniel Martel intends to challenge the constitutionality of certain articles of the criminal Code of canada, on assault and touching for sexual.

De nombreux gestes déplacés

Mario Gauthier has been acquitted of a sexual assault on a minor and is now calling for 620 000 $ to the Attorney general of Quebec, to the complainant and to the department of public Safety.


The individual of 20 years has pleaded guilty to luring computers and have paid a minor so that they send him nude pictures.

Martel is punishable by a minimum of eight years ‘ imprisonment for the seven victims of his actions and the lure of it, that is, one year minimum holding for each folder.

Immersion course

A young American of 17-year-old has pleaded guilty to a sexual assault on a minor of 17 years of the canadian West, while the two students were in an immersion course in French at Cégep de Jonquière. The U.s. has abused the young woman, even if she had said no a few times. He had been arrested at the Montreal airport, shortly before taking his flight to California. The teenager was ordered to make a $ 1,000 donation, after having spent seven days in a youth centre.


The Jonquiérois Mario Gauthier has filed a lawsuit to 620 000 $ against the Attorney general of Quebec, the ministry of public Safety and the complainant after having been acquitted of a sexual assault. A young girl had claimed to have been abused by the man to his cottage. The decision of the Quebec superior Court is expected.

On her child

A seventy-year-old from Lac-Saint-Jean has been punished with a penalty of five years in prison for sexually assaulting his daughter and his granddaughter.

For years, the man has made gestures on his own child, who was only 8 years old the first time. Regarding the granddaughter, there has been only a gesture. He tried to kiss her with the tongue.

Paul-André Harvey

Finally, the ex-priest Paul-André Harvey died in prison a long illness on may 3. He was 81 years old. During his years of priesthood, Harvey has committed at least 39 sexual assaults on many victims. A class action has been filed against the diocese of Chicoutimi, and the parishes of the region. Nearly 100 people are listed in the appeal.