Magical evening at the Bolshoi from Moscow to Guillaume Côté

Soirée magique au Bolchoï de Moscou pour Guillaume Côté

First Quebecers to dance at the Bolshoi, Guillaume Côté returns to Moscow with the feeling of having gotten the best of this experience. The artist a native of Lac-à-la-Croix, Lac-Saint-Jean, is all the more satisfied that it would not hope to walk on the famous stage. “It wasn’t part of my dreams because they have 290 dancers, including the biggest stars in the world. However, the stars were aligned for it to work “, he confided on Tuesday, in favor of a telephone interview given to the Daily.

It is an invitation by the choreographer of the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” that brought him back in Russia, where the principal dancer of the national Ballet of Canada had completed a tour in October. “A few days later, the directorate of the Bolshoi theatre has authorized my hiring, but it is only four days before the departure for Moscow, I received my work permit. It is for this reason that the new has been announced relatively late, ” he said.

Warm welcome

The version created by the choreographer Alexei Ratmansky was familiar to him, since the national Ballet of Canada has endorsed since 2011. Nevertheless, it is a way of feat the Jeannois has done to his arrival in Russia. In the space of three or four days, in fact, he was able to integrate into the troupe of the Bolshoi theatre, several of whose members are not proficient in English. They gave him a warm welcome and the language of dance did the rest.

“They were so nice. I was received with open arms and what’s the fun with the dance, it is that even if you don’t speak the same language, we manage to communicate by seeing what the other is doing. This is what happened with my partner Eugenia Obrazstova (Juliet), whose English is limited. It is a very great dancer and on the stage, it was perfectly organic, ” says Guillaume Côté.

A specific surface

A detail with which few laymen are familiar, about the Bolshoi theatre, is the surface on which the performers evolve. This is one of the few places where it is bent forward, which enabled the spectators, all seated at the same level, to see the show. “Just have to get used to this situation that we find also at la Scala of Milan, it would have had to take a few weeks,” says the dancer.

It is, however, a man in the full possession of his means, although a bit stressed prior to the opening of the curtain, which jumped backstage to go to the meeting the public in moscow.

Soirée magique au Bolchoï de Moscou pour Guillaume Côté

The dancer could be back on the stage of the Bolshoi.


“Even if it is hard not to think of the legends that have danced at the Bolshoi, I’ve made my case as I usually do. I’ve given everything being aware of the fact that this would be the only time I would get to this place, ” says the Jeannois.

He believes that the experience that comes with its 37 years, including 20 years with the national Ballet of Canada, has helped him to get into the skin of Romeo. “The time goes by, I realize that what we are doing, beyond the technique, the athleticism required of ballet, is to communicate. The important thing is to focus on the character and staying in the moment “, states Guillaume Côté, who believes that having children has helped him to feel the magic arising out of this appointment which, until recently, it seemed unlikely.



Already surprised to have danced for the first time at the Bolshoi, Guillaume Côté has had the happiness of receiving a proposal from the management as a result of his performance in the ballet Romeo and Juliet. She wishes to receive it again, either to assume the same role, that of Romeo, or in a different work, revealed the Jeannois Daily.

“They liked what I did and currently, we are negotiating with a view to my return. What they liked, it is the nature of my interpretation, a very real, very dynamic. To the extent possible, I try to feel the choreography. I want that every step, every gesture has a meaning. I have an approach that is more emotional that comes from the fact that I have so analysed this role, ” says Guillaume Côté.

Good comments

His partner, the ballerina Eugenia Obraztsova, told him that his performance had been a good response, another sign that William Côté has been at the height of the challenge it was presented with. It was, therefore, pleased, satisfied, at the time of leaving Moscow. However, it is at this time that stress if controlled when it was necessary, the weight of the jet-lag of 25 hours of travel to go, he fell over like a screed of lead.

“By taking up the plane, I had a small crash. Today, however, it’s going well. I will give a last show on Wednesday (it will be the distribution of the nutcracker in Toronto), then I’ll be on vacation, which will be good, ” he acknowledges. The break will be all the more salutary that 2019 will be a busy one. In January, the creation of a contemporary dance piece the will to Banff in the company of four colleagues.

After the resumption of the show Nijinsky, Hamburg, in February, and then return to Toronto in time to celebrate its 20 years with the national Ballet of Canada during a performance of the ballet Apollo. Full other appointments blacken his agenda, of course, but the Jeannois realize that in a horizon, more or less distant, he will face a period in which even the greatest cannot escape.

“I know that in the classical ballet, it remains for me two or three years where I will be at the maximum of my abilities. After that, it will be nice to go to the contemporary, because I love to try new things “, anticipates Guillaume Côté who, in addition to dancing, exercises the functions of choreographer and composer.