Laflamme launches its premium collection

Laflamme lance sa collection haut de gamme

For its 100th anniversary, Laflamme & cie offers its own brand high-end clothing and accessories for men. Nobleman & son wants to be accessible, chic and the image of the pride saguenay region, in addition to being a project director for the family business in Racine street in Chicoutimi.

Devastated by water damage in December 2017, the boutique of menswear created in 1919 almost saw the end of his story. But there had to be more to extinguish the sacred fire. Owner for the past 32 years, Roch Delisle has been able to count on the help of his two sons, William and David, who have taken up the torch and represent the fourth generation of the family involved in the trade. It is the eldest, David, who had the idea “a bit crazy” to launch a house brand. It is on the point of leaving for two months in Europe to build and develop the business relationships of Nobleman & son.

Laflamme lance sa collection haut de gamme

David Delisle was wearing a great attention to choose from its low of the day before the interview, but he finally opted for those bearing the likeness of Frida Kahlo, favorite by the reporter of Progress.- A Photo Of The Progress, Jeannot Lévesque

The regulars of Laflamme have already noticed the first products of the claw regional : 58 models of socks on the designs more attractive the ones than the others are available in the shop. Follow shirts, clothing, bags… A leather bag for professionals should be designed 100 % in the region with another company here.

“In the fifties, Laflamme produced its own clothing. We wanted to go back to it, but without copy-and-paste other brands. We want to develop our own identity and focus a lot on the accessories, ” explains David Delisle. The name is a nod to the past Laflamme. In Quebec, the settlement is reminiscent of the rich English and the aristocracy, but Nobleman & sons expressed that the Québécois can also be noble. The Saguenéens are also noble and proud. “

Laflamme lance sa collection haut de gamme

David Delisle was wearing a great attention to choose from its low of the day before the interview, but he finally opted for those bearing the likeness of Frida Kahlo, favorite by the reporter of Progress.


The brand also recalls the family history of Laflamme, and its lead designer hopes that the name will appear well in the international. With the online purchasing site launched by September, there will be no more borders.

To the top

“We do the hide not, our goal is to take the expansion. The door is even open to create other shops, ” says David Delisle. In the retail trade, it must be continually renewed. With the new range, we have been able to think of a guideline for the company. “

Laflamme lance sa collection haut de gamme

The owner Roch Delisle is proud to be able to count on the next generation. He discusses here with his son William, who specializes in customer service.


Nobleman & son is focused on the ” man trip “. “It is a brand for younger, active and current, describes David Delisle. It is perfect for the professional who runs everywhere, which is found on a construction site in the afternoon, and who wants to look good in a five-to-seven then. We want that represents the mentality of people here. It is necessary to apologize for the anglicism, but the “made in Saguenay,” has never been so popular. “

The clothes and accessories of Nobleman & son mixing with those of Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Eton, and Paul & Shark to name a few. “Our customer who is loyal for years will always be “, assures the owner Roch Delisle.

Laflamme lance sa collection haut de gamme

To start with, 58 models of socks Nobleman & son are available for all tastes.


Nobleman & son will offer a choice of regional men concerned with their appearance, of all ages. And the lovers of Laflamme & cie will be there to advise with style.



Roch Delisle and his two sons, William and David form a trio of entrepreneurs who complement each other. “It is extraordinary to have with me. The perfect pair, ” says the father, but we should not forget the one who guides.

For the owner for three decades, Nobleman & son ” represents a lot for the region. Laflamme is a regional company, and it can make a big boom.”

Especially, Mr. Delisle welcomes the fact that succession is ensured. “There are SMES that have closed because of it, compare it. William and David allow us to continue, following today’s time, and with the energy I had when I started at their age. “

The two young men are targeted, however, not to follow in the footsteps of their father. “I loved the mechanics, tells the story of William Delisle. Finally, fashion has become a passion. With my brother and my father, we all have our strengths. “

“William, this is the best guy on the floor that you can’t have. He knows all the customers, ” says David, who had meanwhile started his own legal practice.

“The water damage has forced us to make choices. I keep the folders that I already had, but I am now focusing on Laflamme, ” says the expert in trade law.

Since the beginning of Nobleman & son, tens of thousands of dollars, particularly in research, have been invested. The skills of David are quite useful.

“Everything that is free trade and method of payment, I know it, does it give as an example. It allows us to have fewer middlemen, and thus to offer a better price to our customers. It is a journey that is costly, but very interesting for the challenges. “



Those that find the socks modest should perhaps refrain. For David Delisle, they are a purpose of style not to be overlooked.

“For a professional who must be well dressed, but which must remain a classic and feels funky in his heart, a nice pair of stockings may be the only way to express themselves while being subtle,” stressed the lawyer.

To start a collection, these essential clothing also have the merit of being more easily marketed. The company Laflamme & cie is prepared for the eventual enthusiasm of the customer saguenay region : an order of 1500 articles patient in the new warehouses.

Some models have been specially designed by the delisles, others have been proposed in exclusivity in the territory by the supplier. It has not been possible, however, to find a factory in Canada.

“There are not many, and they may not take new contracts. We would have preferred a factory in Europe, where workers are better paid, but as everything is automated for the bottom, we have agreed to do business in China, ” says David Delisle. The next clothing range should, however, be manufactured on the Old Continent.

Coloured stripes, ice cream, or cats winged : there are patterns for all tastes. The brand will be even distributed. You can find socks with lovely mushrooms in Morille Québec lowest on Racine street, for example. Other regional collaborations are to be expected. Spokesperson for the festival LOOK and dressed by Laflamme, the actor Rémy Girard may well wear accessories Nobleman & son in march next year. And even the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau could have its own pair to the red maple leaves…