Justice: a year full of stories

Justice: une année remplie d’anecdotes

The courtrooms of the palace of justice remains the ideal place to learn about the facts and the actions of some individuals of certain individuals. Weird stories, but who come looking for a smile among judges and lawyers, in particular. At times, the stories make people sad.

Like this day, where the wife of Adrien Simard was directed to her husband for the paste and hug him one last time before he takes the path out of the prison for a period of six months.

The man had been sentenced to detention farm after being involved in a road accident causing injuries while he was intoxicated.

The special constables were about to lead the man towards the cell block of the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi, where his lady stood up and approached him. Security officials have wanted to make him understand that she could not do that, the lady has not truly listened to the setpoint.

“This is the first time in 60 years of marriage that I will sleep not next to him. You’re not going to prevent me from the paste, and give him a kiss before he left “, she said.

The lady was able to approach the man, 85 years old, telling him to pay attention to him in prison.

Pizza at will

On the other hand, a couple has made the news for the wrong reasons when he appeared in a restaurant. The duo wanted to take advantage of the promotion of pizza at will, but wanted to take it away.

The employee told them that it had to be eaten at the restaurant. A client has had the misfortune to spend a comment and it was entitled to a shot pouch by way of reply.

With bone soup

In addition, Jean-Roch Boivin had the right to a suspended sentence for having struck the concierge of the Villa of the Sands with a bone to soup. The victim has suffered a concussion following the hit.

The man of 80 years did not relish the concierge enters her room to do the cleaning. The octogenarian has had to leave the villa and had to find another residence.

Vegetable oil

A man has also been charged with assault after pouring vegetable oil on his wife following a family dispute. The woman is avenged by pouring what was left of oil in the tool box of his / her spouse.

Hooked to a truck

And on the 28th of November last, a Mexican residing at Alma elicited disbelief after having been suspended in the back of a truck-trailer over one hundred kilometres between Saint-Bruno and the junction of highway 175 and highway 169 in the Laurentides wildlife Reserve. He wanted to go to Montreal. He was arrested and is expected to receive a fine of $ 1000 for his gesture.

judge fly

Another element which is equally surprising that the unlikely has happened at the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi, when Sabrina Desbiens (photo), a huissière-audiencière, was surprised to fly in the scholarship of a judge of the superior Court of Quebec. The amount is approximately $ 150. The one who occupied the position for more than 10 years was fired and charged criminally. She pleaded guilty on December 21, and should know his sentence in march 2019.

Sad realities

Sadder still, a man found himself in jail for 15 days, who had been caught stealing food in order to be able to finally eat after a few days have nothing swallowed. He had not even the means to go to the Soup kitchen.

Or this other individual who has used his car, while he was prohibited from driving, to pick up the food at the soup kitchen for his wife and his child. He was arrested by the police and lost his license for an extended period of time.