Jimmy Bouchard pleads guilty of having planned the murder of his ex-spouse

Jimmy Bouchard plaide coupable d'avoir planifié le meurtre de son ex-conjointe

The Jeannois Jimmy Bouchard pleads guilty to all charges filed against him, including that of having planned the murder of his ex-spouse and to have manufactured explosives for the purpose of eliminating a person.

On the third day of his trial in front of judge Jean Hudon, of the Court of Quebec, Bouchard has first testified before the court, expressing what had happened between 2013 and 2016, when it has fuelled the disappearance of the mother of his children.

Then, Bouchard, a man of 42 years, has recorded pleas of guilty to charges of having recommended an offence which was not committed (section 464 of the canadian criminal Code), use of explosives (item 81) with the intent to cause death, possession without lawful excuse of the explosives (art. 82) and unauthorized possession of a firearm (art. 91). It is punishable by up to life imprisonment.

At the conclusion of the trial, Louis Belliard, defending, said his client that he had no chance to do carry out because of evidence that had been presented. Even the judge Hudon has issued the same comment before leaving the room.

“If it can reassure you, I can tell you that I was of the same opinion as your lawyer on your guilt on all counts,” quipped the magistrate.

Before you plead guilty, Bouchard, Saint-Stanislas, in the Lac-Saint-Jean, has expressed regrets in connection with his machiavellian plan, that he has thought about it for three years.

“I regret what I did. I am ashamed. I am glad that it did not occur. Today I realize that it didn’t make sense to think of it “, he mentioned Bouchard.

More details to come.