Jimmy Bouchard entrapped by an undercover officer

Jimmy Bouchard piégé par un agent d’infiltration

The day of 1 December 2016 will have been fateful for Jimmy Bouchard. It was there that he met the undercover agent, AI 1202, of the Sûreté du Québec, which he believed to be a hitman. It is to him that he confessed his plans to eliminate his ex-spouse. It has even been agreed to completely disappear from the body in order to erase all traces to a sum of $20,000.

On the second day of the trial of Bouchard, in front of the judge Jean Hudon, of the Court of Québec, it has been possible to take possession of the transcripts of the communications between the undercover agents and the main suspect in the operation ” Contrition “.

The individual, 44 years old, from Saint-Stanislas, in the Lac-Saint-Jean, is accused of having advised a offence that was not committed (section 464 of the canadian criminal Code), use of explosives (item 81) with the intent to cause death, possession without lawful excuse of the explosives (art. 82) and unauthorized possession of a firearm (art. 91). It is punishable by up to life imprisonment.

On the afternoon of 1 December, the undercover agent was equipped with a recording system (body pack) and was able to record the entirety of the conversation with Bouchard.

Jimmy Bouchard piégé par un agent d’infiltration

Jimmy Bouchard


Everything found there. Bouchard asked what the hitman can do, what it takes as information and especially the amount that it requires.

The double agent puts the accused in confidence and explains that this is not the first time he does this kind of job. He tells her that he is from Montreal, and even there, he had heard of his project of wanting to eliminate his ex-spouse.

“Have you thought of a kind of case for toé here, an alibi there,” asks the police officer [transcription taken from the police documents].

“Yeah, but I’ve still not worse. It is that chu you to Dolbeau pis it to Chicoutimi. Faque I should organize myself to do something that’s for sure, but, uh let’s say that, ” says Bouchard.

The undercover officer then told him to use a credit card, in order to leave traces.

“Yes, yes, I’ll go for a ride in the city, but you know I’ll stay with my, uh j’, j’, I would like it to be with my boy, ” he said.

Subsequently, the undercover officer, and Jimmy Bouchard have dealt with the tariff linked to the passing the ex-spouse. The amount was quickly set at $ 20,000 and the officer has indicated that it could cost 20 000 $ to 25 000 $ for a case of this kind, but that the sum could reach 50 000 $ if it is a guy heavier.

The fake hitman has asked for an advance in order not to be obliged to go back to see the client on numerous occasions to demand his due.

An advance of $ 3000, for the travel expenses has been agreed between the two parties at the end of the conversation at restaurant Pacini. Bouchard has indicated that he should return home to pick up the money. It took about four hours to make the round-trip Chicoutimi-Saint-Stanislas-Chicoutimi.

The two men agreed to meet you at the Cage aux sports, a few hours later. Bouchard was awarded the sum of $3000.

According to the testimony of Eric Maltese, a good friend of Bouchard, the sum of 20 000 $ to 25 000 $ was the equivalent of what the accused was expecting to have to spend for realization of the contract placed on the head of his ex-spouse.

Mr. Maltese stated that he hoped not to have to make up to $ 40,000 or even $ 50,000 to get rid of his wife.

No damage

Throughout the first conversation, the accused informed on how to do it and the time required to complete the contract. Even if the discussion takes place Thursday, December 1, 2016, Bouchard would like that his ex is off the card at the end of the week.

The undercover agent told him that this is impossible, that the time period is too short and that his guys should take the time to study the situation and make marks.

When asked whether the professional of the trigger was to leave the body on the spot or make it disappear, Bouchard believes that it would be well that we do not find the body.

“I don’t care, but at the same time, as I say also unto thee, seeing thee an environment a little bit with children, I would prefer that it not be uh the puddle of blood around here, more if c’ su, to a limit, I dérangerais not. Chu you is open all there. You know the way a little, uh, ” said the accused.

The police officer lets see, that this is not a good idea to take it to the lady in the car, so that the children could be nearby.

“So after that, who is going on a ec-uh-the body ? Has disappears or ben you leave it there ? “asked the policeman.

“Well, if it is sure that if has died out, it would be the ideal. It is that which I have said, no body no charge, ” said Jimmy Bouchard.

At 16: 26, the suspect came out of the restaurant and the Cage aux sports and has been immediately arrested by the police of the Sûreté du Québec, who was waiting for him on a firm footing.

Me Nicole Ouellet, the Crown has completed its evidence. Louis Belliard / belliardstraat, in the defense, should be to hear the accused on Friday.



The police officers of the Sûreté du Québec have put only two weeks to organize, edit, and perform the operation “Contrition” in order to thwart the plans of Jimmy Bouchard to kill his ex-wife.

The lead investigator in the folder, Stéphane Laroche, explained to the judge Jean Hudon the way things took place in November and December 2016.

“With the information provided by the source Éric Maltais, there truly was need for urgent action. It needed to be done quickly, but properly also. Our source did not want to be directly involved, but when we asked if an undercover agent could do to bite Jimmy Bouchard, we said yes immediately, ” said the investigator Laroche, of the Sûreté du Québec.

Jimmy Bouchard piégé par un agent d’infiltration

The investigator Stéphane Laroche, of the Sûreté du Québec, was very happy to see that the project Contrition has been accomplished as rapidly, in less than two weeks.


“The case was resolved in the space of two weeks, between 23 November and 1 December. I have rarely seen it. It was very quick. Usually, it takes weeks to find the undercover agent and obtain the warrants for the wiretaps. But then, there was urgency to act, ” resumed Mr. Laroche.

The police service has developed the operation “Contrition” on the 23rd of November. It was agreed to go to the home of Jimmy Bouchard, November 25, 2016.

“We didn’t know it was his birthday, because we would have rescheduled the meeting. It could happen that it is not in him. But it was present. “

“Our undercover officer handed him a paper with a phone number, saying to him that one could resolve their issue. He quickly called the number. We were surprised to see that he was trusted so quickly to a stranger, ” added the investigator Laroche.

The two men have agreed to a meeting in Chicoutimi, to the 1st December meeting confirmed the 28 November.

Mr. Laroche was concerned that the suspect is not present due to a snow storm. Especially as the road was closed to traffic in the area of Alma.

“But he came. He arrived late because he had been arrested by the police of Saguenay because it did not have the correct license plate on his vehicle, ” said the investigator.

Subsequently, the parties have agreed that the person to eliminate, the timing of the execution of the contract, the amount required and confirm the death of the former spouse.

Bouchard has been stopped at its exit of the restaurant in the late afternoon of the 1st of December. He was led to the position of the Sûreté du Québec at Chicoutimi for interrogation.

“Subsequently, we have notified the ex-spouse of Jimmy Bouchard to inform him of his arrest and the fact that he wanted to get rid of it. The lady was not at all aware of the threats to it, ” recalled Stéphane Laroche.

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