Jagmeet Singh’s campaign in Outremont in a race that was going to be difficult

Jagmeet Singh fait campagne dans Outremont dans une course qui s’annonce ardue

MONTREAL — The leader new democrat Jagmeet Singh has ventured in a field known for its predecessors, on Saturday, while campaigning in the riding of montreal’s Outremont, where a byelection is expected to take place next year.

Mr Singh shook hands and exchanged in French with local traders in the company of his candidate Julia Sanchez.

The riding was left vacant by the former leader, the new democrat, Thomas Mulcair, whose election in 2007 had opened the gates of Quebec the New democratic Party (NDP).

Mr. Mulcair won his seat to the other three times, before leaving politics to teach at the University of Montreal.

Despite the past successes of the party in this sector, the party could have difficulty in resuming his seat at the time of the election.

The results of the NDP in the recent elections proved to be disappointing and Julia Sanchez has never been submitted to an elective office before.

In Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, last June, the NDP had finished third, winning only 8.7 percent of the vote in this constituency he won in 2011. In October 2017, the NDP finished fourth in the election of Lac-Saint-Jean, which had been won by the liberals.

On Saturday, the chief neo-democrat was optimistic to the idea of maintain the stronghold of his party.

“We can not compare the results of the by-election results, general election, he said in English. I don’t think this is a fair comparison.”

Mr. Singh intends to put forward its proposals on the environment to gain the support of Quebecers.

“Between the heat wave in Quebec that has resulted in the loss of lives, floods and extreme temperatures across Canada, people are increasingly concerned about what we are doing to combat climate change”, has he supported.

The chief neo-democrat party has not wanted to move forward on a prediction for the election in Outremont, but he recognized the symbolic importance of this district, which served as the prelude to the orange wave of 2011.

Although he has made several visits to Outremont, this is not all the world who seemed to recognize the chief neo-democrat when he walked around in the shops.

It has attracted the curiosity of many citizens, who asked him who he was. A person wondered whether it was the minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan.

The chief of a new democrat seemed to be warmly received when he exhibited in restaurants.

At his side there was Julia Sanchez, a political neophyte who has spent the last seven years of his career in Ottawa, as president and chief executive officer of the canadian Council for international co-operation.

She says enjoy the challenge of coming back to Montreal and fight to win back the riding.

“I’m doing door-to-door since August, and people are really proud of the work of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair and all the team for their services rendered, and I believe that they want the continuity,” she assured.

Ms. Sanchez will face the liberal candidate Rachel of the three brothers, a lawyer who had finished second behind Mr. Muclair in the last general election. For their part, the conservatives are banking on Jasmine Louras.

Jagmeet Singh sounded optimistic of the take-him-even in the riding of Burnaby South, British Columbia.

The chief neo-democrat is moved in the area and said they receive “considerable support” on the ground.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau is expected to announce at the beginning of the next year, the date of the by-election in Burnaby-Sud, Outremont and York-Simcoe, Ontario.

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