Ideas for the Christmas stocking

Roger Blackburn
The Daily

Des idées pour le bas de Noël

CHRONIC / If your family are fans, know that a gift of hunting and fishing under the Christmas tree is a great idea. If a gift of this kind you are interested, it might be a good idea to leave the journal open to this page on your kitchen table, it could give ideas to your friends.

If your partner uses an old fishing rod whose tip is broken, or that it is missing a grommet, or that the handle is surrounded by electric tape black, it is a good indication that a new fishing rod is required.

If your fishermen friends spend their time railing against the reel in which the monofilament line gets tangled constantly, or he misses a throw on two with his equipment, it’s probably a sign no doubt that the reel has made its time.

Des idées pour le bas de Noël

A new fishing rod will be popular for Christmas.


One can easily find sets of rod and reel in a price range very varied. Of course, the quality will not necessarily be at the appointment if you choose kits for less than $ 50, but you can find something good for less than $100.

For young people who would like to make a gift to their dad or their grandpa, know that lures like crankbaits, artificial flies or spoons rolling items are not too expensive and which are always appreciated.

There are also a range of products that is practical, but we do not dare to buy, because they are considered as futile. The disciples of St. Peter will surely gloves to fillet the fish. The followers of the gold and redfish will surely adopt them. The same goes for the various items of equipment, such as a board to make nets, pliers, long nose with non slip grips, the famous box of worms that opens on both sides or a fishing net, rubber are very useful objects, but that the athletes did not buy for them.

Des idées pour le bas de Noël

It is possible to find a set rod and reel for less than $100.


If you notice that your fishermen friends go on an expedition with two elastic bands around their fishing rod for transport, you should know that a holster for one or two canes will be very useful to avoid that the rods will break in the bottom of the trunk of the car.

There are also gifts very useful for fishing, but suitable for other activities. A pair of binoculars (binocular) can be used year-round for bird watching during your hiking. It’s the same with the head lamps that can also be practice at home, in the trunk of fishing.

Also keep in mind that fishing tackle pink color often the pleasure of the ladies and young girls. I’ve already seen a teenage girl of 16 years, we make the beard with a spoon undulating pink on a lake speckled trout. We were all skeptical about this lure, which has been the most productive of the day.

Des idées pour le bas de Noël

A headlamp can be useful at home and in the tackle box.


Ha yes, I forgot, if you want to make it fun for young fishermen or fisherwomen, don’t buy the kits, fishing rod Walt Disney. Instead, opt for genuine equipment that can be used for several years.

In terms of gadgets, I saw a set of cushion and a plastic bucket for lovers of fishing under the ice. If your fishermen friends have this habit to sit on a bucket for fish on the ice, this small equipment will be surely appreciated.

According to the budget you have, consider items such as polarized glasses, cameras, detectors of movement, a superb hunting knife, a set of fly-tying a first rod to blow, a nice jacket or fishing or a vest, personal flotation inflatable.

Des idées pour le bas de Noël

Glasses approach represent a gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


If your amateur fishing is still an old raincoat yellow Hydro-Québec, or old boots to oxen for the days of rain, you can risk the purchase of a mac quality, ensuring that you have from the merchant, the kit may be exchanged if this is not the right size.

Take a stroll for an hour or two in the shops hunting and fishing in the region today, you may be able to find the original idea that you are looking to give a gift that will be useful and appreciated.

Hunting statistics for moose

The department of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks was published this week by the statistics moose hunting last season, a year of restriction of hunting, which means that it is forbidden to hunt females in several areas of operations. The hunters of the region (area 28) were harvested 2522 moose in 2018, compared to 2664 in 2016. It is the second highest harvest observed up to now during the years of restrictive, according to the ministry, but it is also the first decline in harvest since 2004. The number of permits sold is 26 873 compared to 26 661 in 2016. As a result, the success of a hunt has slightly dropped to stay 9.38 %.

“In Quebec, out of a total of 19 696 moose harvested, what are the 14 329 males, which allow us to assert that the population trend is stable at the scale of Québec, and has been since the beginning of the implementation of the management plan 2012-2019,” says the ministry. The number of permits sold in Quebec has also decreased from 174 256 permits in 2016 to 170 931 in 2018.