He spent two years in trying to eliminate his ex for custody of a child

Il passe deux ans à tenter d’éliminer son ex pour la garde d'un enfant

From 2014 to 2016, the Dolmissois Jimmy Bouchard has sought to find weapons, manufactured explosives and has offered up to $ 25,000 for removing his ex-spouse. But one of his great friends, has reported its projects to the police. The machiavellian plan could never be enforced, because the police of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has trapped and arrested the individual for 44 years.

It is not the synopsis of an action film shot in Hollywood, but a real story that occurred on the territory of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

Jimmy Bouchard is currently under trial and is accused of having advised a offence that was not committed (section 464 of the canadian criminal Code), use of explosives (art. 81), of the possession without lawful excuse of the explosives (art. 82) and unauthorized possession of a firearm (art. 91).

Judge Jean Hudon, of the Court of Québec presiding over the trial, which is planned for a duration of three days at the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi.

Bouchard did not accept that the mother of his child leaves the family home and the accused just wanted to get the sole custody of the toddler.

Me Nicole Ouellet, the office of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP), has heard its first witness, Eric Maltese, a long-time friend of the accused.

During his testimony, Maltese explained that the plan of his friend, was hatched in 2013 or in 2014, when he asked her to find him a handgun, and for him to find someone to remove his ex-spouse.

He offered sums ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 25,000, but did not make it to 40 000 $ or 50 000 $ to get rid of his ex-spouse.

As the response was slow to come for obtaining arms, Jimmy Bouchard has begun to produce explosives to blow up the vehicle of his “target” and ensure that it would not.

He wanted his death prior to December 6, 2016, at which time the parties were to find themselves in court for custody of the child.

Bouchard was arrested on December 1, 2016, and is held for more than two years. Eric Maltais has denounced the plan to police officers from the SQ, because he could not believe that children were losing their mother. Seeing that Bouchard did not renounce his project, he went to talk to the agents.


Eric Maltais known Bouchard since adolescence. The two men have always been quite close to one another, to the point where the accused asked him to find weapons in order to eliminate his ex-spouse. Bouchard has even asked the Maltese to do the job in the name of their friendship, as if Bouchard knew that his friend wanted to get rid of his wife, that he would not hesitate to help.

“There was never any question of that I should do anything. He asked me to find him a weapon and a person to do the work. I have done everything to save time, because I was hoping this desire it would. But it has not passed. In the end, he was truly determined, especially as the date of the court came quickly to the custody of the child, ” said Eric Maltese, who feared the reprisals of Bouchard.

The accused has even devised a plan where he could murder the lady with a long-range weapon. He had found the perfect angle to reach the victim, who was on his computer at home, so that he would be installed next to a garage.

“The angle was excellent, but it took up a carbine. He wanted to have my .300 Magnum, but there was no question that I give him. “

“When he saw that I took time to provide him with weapons and someone to kill his wife, he prepared a new plan. It had led to all kinds of products in the basement of the house for explosives. He has done tests that have not worked, ” says the witness of the Crown.

Bouchard then found a white powder, with a friend, in order to carry out his plan. It has been a test of the most convincing. He blew up a metal tube six inches in length and approximately 1.5 inches in diameter.

“And it jumped. We were hidden behind a large rock, and a piece of metal is passed beside us. My truck has been hit by many small pieces of stone. Even if it had worked, he wanted a stick bigger. It wasn’t that she could get out of them was described by Eric Maltais.


In the early afternoon, the witness of the prosecution has been cross-examined by mr. Louis Belliard, of the defence. The latter has well-tried to get answers to their questions.

“I never found anyone to do the work. I’ve never suggested that they put a telescope on his rifle in order to be more specific to reach his ex-spouse. And I’ve never said that it would be preferable that he settled in the abandoned garage rather than left outside to shoot with a [rifle] .303, knowing that it would make the noise, ” replied Eric Maltais to the questions of the defence.

“If I worked with Jimmy Bouchard, it was in the hope that he abandons his project and he came to calm down. And if I have taken a lot of time before you denounce it, is that I was hoping he changes his mind and because it was my big chum, ” said the witness.