He pounced on a man with his car

Il fonce sur un homme avec sa voiture

The palais de justice de Chicoutimi will be fairly busy Thursday morning, while at least six people have been arrested in the last hours will appear in court for various offences.

A 21 year-old man who is accused of assault and assault with a weapon is particularly illustrated in darkening with his vehicle on a pedestrian to 20h in Jonquière.

The man targeted did not, however, suffered significant injuries. A love triangle is at the origin of the incident, confirming the police of Saguenay.

A man of 69-year-old has also been arrested for receiving stolen property before being sent to pre-trial detention in the psychiatric wing of the hospital in Chicoutimi.

Two people have been arrested for breach of condition, and two more will appear to have violated their conditions of release.