Group Riverin will hold a civil engineering student

Groupe Riverin supportera un étudiant en génie civil

The Group Riverin, owner of Inter-City, inter alia, follows in the footsteps of the company Réfraco, and supports a student in civil engineering during his studies and gives him a part-time job.

Sabrina Tremblay and Josee Fillion, both coordinators of the Department of civil engineering at the Cégep de Chicoutimi, accompanied by Nicolas Riverin, chairman of the Group Riverin, have announced a first partnership to solve a problem of shortage of labour and encourage students to enroll in these technical programs. “Our problem is to have technical staff that can recruit annually. It is becoming more difficult year by year. We are interested in the program because it believes that it can allow us to have more stability, ” Mr. Riverin.

According to Ms. Fillion, the recruitment of manpower in the industry as a Group Riverin is a reflection of the shortage experienced by the colleges in these disciplines. “These years, we recruited 20 students per year. It has already been 40 graduates. One of the phenomena that we saw is that half of the graduates continue their studies at the university. There are only seven or eight graduates for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. They are very quickly absorbed by the labour market “, she explains.

The proof is, according to Ms. Tremblay, the fact that many employers are trying to recruit the next generation of going into the classrooms.


The newly announced program will allow a second-year student selected by Group Riverin to be supported financially by working ten hours per week at an hourly rate higher than a simple student, to see his registration fees of college and for the purchase of books reimbursed with, in addition, hiring will be provided at the end of the studies. It will be required the student to remain in the employ of the company for at least two years. For the student who will be chosen, it represents a value of approximately $ 15,000 guaranteed per year.

The direction of the Cégep de Chicoutimi wish that other companies, such as Group Riverin and Réfraco, to be able to provide the same support.