Fraudster sought

Fraudeur recherché

The police Service of Saguenay (SPS) has opened an investigation of fraud in the sector of Jonquière about a man who would borrow money at shops, never to remit the sums due.

The survey, conducted by the Bureau of criminal investigations, has been open before the Holidays, after a complaint has been filed, said Dominic Gagnon, agent in the prevention and communication of the SPS, on Thursday.

“This is an individual who asks for money in a convenience store and says he will get back pay, but he doesn’t come back,” he explained. He could not specify if the man had used the same ploy in many of the shops and if the amounts claimed were important.

This story has resurfaced in the past few days on Facebook so that posts on pages Spotted denounced the actions of an individual, even going so far as to make a name and a photo.

According to the information shared, the man déroberait amounts ranging from 80 to 200 $ by providing a false name, a false phone number or a bogus address.

He would have stolen sums of money to restaurants and convenience stores in the evening or at night, claiming, for example, that his car had broken down.

Constable Gagnon could not clarify if the person sought was one who had been denounced on social networks. It nevertheless invites the traders or any person of the public to communicate with the police Service of Saguenay, if they have been victims or witnesses of such a fraud.