Former Walmart: Gagnon Brothers lifts the veil on a project of $15 Million

Ancien Walmart: Gagnon Frères lève le voile sur un projet de 15 M $

Less than a week after the acquisition of the former building of Walmart in Jonquière, the direction of Gagnon Brothers has lifted the veil on the $ 15m investment it is making in order to centralize its distribution operations.

In an interview with The Daily, Frédéric Gagnon, president of Gagnon Brothers, accompanied by Virginia Thompson, chief executive, said that this acquisition proved to be a little more tedious than expected. It is the culmination of three years of work and planning. “Our goal, initially, is to improve the service to the customer with the creation of a mega distribution center. Adjacent to the center, developing on-the liquidation Center which will occupy 25,000 square feet on the 122 000 available, ” explains Ms. Thompson.

Gagnon Brothers will bring together in one place its warehouses of the Seven Islands, with an area of 11, 000 square feet, that of the rue Manic, Chicoutimi (33 000 p. c.), and the rue Saint-Pierre, Jonquière, in addition to the clearance Center of the rue Sainte-Famille, Kénogami. “Our intention is to make the liquidation Center more accessible to the people of Jonquière, Chicoutimi and Lac-Saint-Jean who attend surprisingly this store,” explains Mr. Gagnon.

The two leaders added that one of their priorities is to revamp a major way, the image of the current building, “an enormous gray mass a little interesting” that is lost in the landscape and whose history recalls memories unhappy.

The architect Stéphane Lapointe, Planitech, has been put to work to redefine the external image with the colors of the chain store. The old garage located on the south side will be completely demolished to make way for a new building of 11 000 square feet rising on two floors. Offices and rest rooms for employees would be laid, along with four unloading areas separated arranged in different heights to accommodate different types of vehicles.

The construction workers Lapointe and Gagnon will arrive on the new site on January 17, with the aim to open the warehouse on the 1st of may. The liquidation Center will open its doors somewhere in September or October.

Ancien Walmart: Gagnon Frères lève le voile sur un projet de 15 M $

The president of the Gagnon Brothers, Frédéric Gagnon, and the director of marketing and development, Virginia Thompson, have made known the details of their project related to the acquisition of the former building of Walmart.


Ms. Theberge noted that the centralization of distribution activities is a chore since the relocation of thousands of boxes of furniture and accessories is expected to mobilize more than a hundred 53-foot trailers for three weeks. “We are happy to invest and give back to the Jonquière since he is a loyal clientele who deserve quality facilities,” says Ms. Thompson.

The warehouses that are abandoned will be put up for sale. The street Manic has already aroused interest, according to Mr. Gagnon.

In regards to the creation of jobs, Mr. Gagnon stated that there will be more hiring as the Centre of liquidation of Kenogami is already experiencing a lack of employees, but he was not able to specify the number. The three jobs of Sept-Îles will be repatriated to Jonquière.

Mr. Gagnon and Ms. Théberge believe that the transformation of the building of the former Walmart should give a serious boost to this business sector has already received investment for RPM, and Hyundai, in addition to the future construction of a multi-sports facility.

The investment of$ 15 Million includes the acquisition of the building, its transformation and five million $ of inventory.