Flight in the wallet of a judge: the ex-huissière pleads guilty

Vol dans le porte-monnaie d’une juge: l’ex-huissière plaide coupable

Sabrina Desbiens, the ex-huissière-audiencière of the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi, pleaded guilty of stealing at least $ 130 to a judge of the Quebec superior Court, while the magistrate was on the bench to hear a record in a civil action.

The client Charles Cantin, of course, was before judge Jean Hudon to hear the plea of guilt of the former employee of the ministry of Justice, which has been suspended from the moment when she was faced with the situation.

If Desbiens has been taken, it was only in November 2017, a judge of the superior Court of Québec and two of the assistants of the bureau had noted that it was missing the money in their wallet respective. A complaint was filed to police officers and special constables of the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi.

Subsequently, with the permission of the judge, a surveillance camera was installed on February 6, 2018 in his office. During several months, nothing happened.

But the 30 April 2018, a judge from the outside is installed in the office of the magistrate where the camera had been installed.

Sabrina Desbiens had been designated to accompany the judge during the proceedings. But the huissière-audiencière was able to leave the hearing room. On four occasions, between 9h54 and 11: 50 a.m., she went to the office of the judge to rummage in his wallet.

“The judge had arrived with $ 175 in his wallet, a $ 50 bill. When she went to the restaurant, she noticed that he only had 40 $. She slipped a word to the judge with whom she was and he was aware of the situation “, explained to Me, Marianne Girard, the office of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP).

“The judge has notified the person in charge of special constables. They have watched the videos and have noticed that the accused had visited four times in the office. She was met on the 1st of may by the head of the Palace of justice and has been suspended immediately, ” to pursue Me, Girard.

Subsequently, two special constables have arrested Sabrina Desbiens. They were advised of the situation. During the search, they found a sum of $ 1900 in cash in the affairs of the accused.

“She said it was for him to remove the money she had hardly won to the saguenay region (hotel). But an audit showed that it had left the job in December 2016, well before his arrest on may 1, 2018 “, has returned to the representative of the Crown.

Me Girard said the judge Hudon that she could not accuse him for the amounts which would have been stolen before April 30, 2018, and that the charge was only $ 130 of that was missing in the wallet of the judge.

Charles Cantin has asked to see the performances on award on 4 march. He wants to analyze case law for similar cases.

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