Firms chinese encourage their employees to buy the Huawei

Des firmes chinoises encouragent leurs employés à acheter du Huawei

SHANGHAI — chinese companies are encouraging their employees to buy a cell phone Huawei in the goal of supporting this technological giant national who is facing a wave of rejection of its equipment 5G in the West and has seen its financial director arrested in Canada.

Several companies offer their employees grants and purchase orders to equip a device Huawei, while others are hunting to employee users of the iPhone and other products of titan californian Apple.

Fuchun Technology (China) assured on Saturday that “almost 60” of its 200 employees had taken advantage of a bonus representing 100 to 500 yuan (20 to 100 canadian dollars) to buy a Huawei phone.

Another technology firm, Chengdu RYD Information Technology, proposes to take 15% off the price of a new phone Huawei, but declined on Saturday to specify how many employees had.

“We support brands made in China!”, hammered to the AFP a spokesperson of this organization, ensuring that this internal policy was “not controlled by the government.”

To the contrary, the company Menpad headquartered in Shenzhen has threatened heavy fines — equivalent to the price of the device — its employees iPhone owners : “Stop buying american brands for the equipment of the company !”, she writes in a notice-house of which the AFP was able to confirm the authenticity.

This wave of “patriotic” is a consequence of the arrest on December 1 in Canada for Meng Wanzhou, cfo of Huawei, at the instigation of the United States, which suspect of being involved in a fraud in order to circumvent u.s. sanctions against Iran.

Beijing has denounced with virulence treatment “inhuman”, to the unison of a vast campaign of indignation of the media, chinese officials, who see it as readily a “conspiracy” (the west) to repress the technological boom in chinese.

The daily official Global Times accused Washington of “resorting to despicable methods of rogue” because he was powerless to prevent the progress of Huawei in the crucial technologies of telephony 5G.

In a country where iPhones remain hugely popular, the grants “patriotic” companies to support Huawei are variously welcomed by chinese internet users.

“These companies take every advantage of Huawei”, welcomes a user to the platform of microblogs Weibo, calling for the government to “disseminate an official statement supporting the local brands”.

Others criticized the fines, punishing the purchases of Apple products : in order to earn the respect of the world, the technology brands chinese should rather “stay combative in spite of the setbacks,” said another user.