Fifteen of the tenants thrown out on the street by a fire at Chicoutimi

Une quinzaine de locataires jetés à la rue par un incendie à Chicoutimi

A fire in an apartment building threw him to the street fifteen of the tenants on Sunday, Chicoutimi, on the eve of Christmas. A person has been overcome by the smoke, and five tenants have been supported by the Red Cross.

The flames have taken birth in the bedroom of an apartment located on the 2nd floor of the rental building located at 605 rue Taché, in the area of the Basin, at Chicoutimi, to 19: 40.

The tenants have vacated the premises quickly. One of them, bothered by the smoke, took refuge in a building from a nearby street. It was subsequently taken care of by the paramedics and transported to the hospital in Chicoutimi.

The work of the 17 firefighters helped limit the damage. Three barracks were called to the scene. Dwellings and rooms of the lower floor, however, have been damaged by water and smoke, said Sunday evening the chief to the operations of the fire security Service of Saguenay, Francis Desjardins.

At the time of delivery of the property to the owner by the fire department, the latter had already begun to work with his insurance company to clean and restore the premises to a state. According to initial assessments, the building is not a total loss.

Most of the tenants were able to find refuge with relatives, while five have been supported by the Red Cross.


The cause of the fire remain unknown for the moment. An investigator from the fire Department should arrive on the scene at the beginning of the week.

The thesis criminal, however, is ruled out, said for his part the lieutenant of the police Service of Saguenay, Karl Villeneuve.