Fatal Accident: sadness and incomprehension at auto Parts Shock

Accident mortel: tristesse et incompréhension chez Pièces d’autos Choc

In the aftermath of the workplace accident has claimed the life of Édouard Guernon, in the court of the company’s auto Parts Shock of the way of the Church, Laterrière, sadness, and misunderstanding reigned on Friday morning.

The 53 year old man of The Bay has perished under the wheels of a loader fork Komatsu 250, Thursday to 15 h, in the backyard of the trade parts sales new and used.

During a meeting with The Progress held on Friday morning, the sales manager and co-owner, Guy Boivin mentioned that even if the thirty employees had returned to work, the sadness reigned among the staff. This is why the management decided to call upon the services of the CLSC to provide psychological support to those in need. “The driver of the charger was a friend of Mr. Guernon. They travelled together from The Bay. He was in shock and went into a disease. This morning (Friday), it was crying in entering employment. Everyone has the moral earth. Even if there are workers who look “tough”, the help is necessary, ” said Mr. Boivin.

In addition to the sadness reigning in the staff, Mr Boivin added that the misunderstanding surrounding the circumstances of the accident is also present. The charger is a recent acquisition and was operating in a restricted area that does not involve movement at high speed, according to Mr. Boivin.

Hypotheses have been issued, to the effect that Mr. Guernon was able to undergo a malaise and was found lying on the ground before being crushed by the loader.

Mr Boivin added that the operation of a loader, the cabin’s height, includes multiple blind spots. A post-mortem examination and the investigation of the Committee on standards of equity, fairness, and the health and safety of work should allow to learn more about this unfortunate accident.

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