Family drama in Lac-Bouchette: the son accused of murder in the second degree

Drame familial à Lac-Bouchette: le fils accusé de meurtre au deuxième degré

Jonathan Girard is accused of second-degree murder of his father Sylvain. The charges were dropped Friday morning at the Palais de justice de Roberval.

The man, 37-year-old was not present before the judge Pierre Simard, of the Court of Quebec, is still hospitalized in Quebec for the treatment of injuries and burns caused by the fire of his cottage, Sunday, December 16 at Lac-Bouchette, Lac-Saint-Jean.

In addition to the charge of murder in the second degree, Jonathan Girard has also been accused of having lit intentionally fire without worrying about the consequences and contempt towards the corpse.

Its page on Facebook, his welcome message said, however, that ” the family, the respect and the honor and the good will prevail (sic) evil “.

But on 16 December, Jonathan Girard, whose interests are represented by mr. Julien Boulianne, would have lit a fire in his cottage on the way from the Dam to Lac-Bouchette.

It appears that he would have wanted to camouflage the murder of his father with the arson, as it would have been reached before a projectile of a firearm.

The arrival of the police of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Girard would have threatened the police and would have tried to prevent them from doing their job. He was also accused for these events Wednesday afternoon at the Palais de justice de Roberval.

It is in sifting through the rubble the fire department of the municipality of Lac-Bouchette have found the body of a 64 year-old man and quickly found that he had been the victim of a homicide.

The investigators then placed a hand on Jonathan Girard and considered as the main suspect in this murder case.

But the man, 37-year-old was also in a precarious state of health. He was rushed to a hospital in Quebec, in order to treat his wounds and his burns.

“He has said very little in court Friday morning, as the file is of exclusive jurisdiction of the superior Court of Quebec. The case was postponed to 28 January for the preliminary investigation, but without subpoena, ” said the criminal lawyer, whose client has some criminal history, dating back several years.

“We’re going to hear the evidence and we will meet our client, who is still hospitalized for reasons of physical health, I repeat, before taking a position,” adds Me Boulianne, who has been able to discuss it several times with his client.

It is still too early to determine the date, where Jonathan Girard will be able to get out of the hospital and being brought to the prison of Roberval, in the meantime the following procedures.

When asked whether the investigators had been able to meet with the suspect, the criminal has preferred not to answer. Therefore, it has not been possible to find out if the investigators were able to talk with the suspect for an attempt to understand what could push him to do so.

It is important to know that a murder case should be heard before a judge of the Quebec superior Court and a jury of 12 people. Lawyers in defence are often reluctant to comment on the record so as not to contaminate potential jurors.