Encrypt its physical form

Chiffrer sa forme physique

CHRONIC / It’s been six years that the Laboratory analysis in sports physiology (PERIOD) exists in the walls of the Collège d’alma, but the first time I’ve heard about it, it was a few weeks ago, when I saw Léandre Bouchard undergo different tests to ” determine the physiological parameters prior to training camps in the winter “, as described on the page Facebook of the PERIOD.

In a short preview video, we saw Leander, athlete mountain bike that rub shoulders with the world elite for several years and participated in her first olympic games in the summer of 2016, to suffer during the test 3MT (or three minute all-out). Then it would give everything for three minutes, with a resistance accurately, on his road bike linked to a drive roller.

I told myself that I was surely not alone in knowing very little about this lab for athletes and that this was a good opportunity to dig the subject. A few matches later, the appointment was taken with Gilles Nédélec, a biology teacher at Collège d’alma and great manitou of the PERIOD.

In addition to wanting to learn more about this expertise, I am proposed as a guinea pig for one of the physical tests. He kindly agreed and he has chosen the test of maximum aerobic power (MAP) with measurements of the metabolism to stress through measurement of respiratory gas uptake (VO2max). It ” consists of a maximum effort (it hurts !) increments incremented on ergometer calibrated with sensor to power “, wrote Gilles Nédélec, word-for-word.

Written this way, it was scary a little bit ! But I was going 100 miles an hour and last week, I was in the FRAME, ready to suffer.

I must say that Mr. Nédélec has been very kind and super friendly. “The principle is relatively simple : you’re going to make a maximum effort, you’ll be pedaling “, he dropped the smile.

The principle was actually simple, but quite tiring physically. During the test, I was wearing a mask to measure my oxygen consumption and my production of carbon dioxide (CO2). I also had a pince-nez, so my only air intake was through the mask. A little paniquant at the start, but we made it.

After a fit worthy of a pro, Gilles Nédélec I was asked to maintain a cadence of 90 revolutions per minute (rpm). The test begins with a resistance of 140 watts and the computer is programmed to increase the resistance of 30 watts every three minutes.

The first few levels are doable, but it thickens considerably when the resistance reaches more than 200 watts. I managed to get to the 18th minute, with a resistance of 290 watts. It is at this time that it went to 320 watts, which was asked too.

With the calculations, my guide tells me that I have a VO2 max of 55, with a maximum aerobic power (MAP) of 4.1 watts/kg. I’ve also reached a maximum heart rate of 208 beats per minute, which I find a bit intense.

These figures do not tell you anything ? Honestly, it doesn’t have a huge meaning for me either, but these data are of great value for coaches who seek to develop their athletes and to seek the maximum of their abilities.

I’m exhausted after my 18 minutes of effort, but I run to my guide that I would surely regret not having been able to resist a little longer.

“With the data that I had in front of me, you would not have been able. I knew that you were counted “, illustrates the bosses of the PERIOD.

My statistics are quite respectable and at a time of year when the bike collects more dust than kilometres, the recorded data could be used from a floor to a potential increase based on a program of precise training.

Gilles Nédélec has seen very good athletes in his laboratory, in which Léandre Bouchard. The figures of the Almatois are confidential, but the teacher had to ask the first time he has hosted the olympian. “I thought that my system was not calibrated,” said Mr. Nédélec, who took the opportunity to put an end to my olympic dream.

“You have a good physiological profile, but I have to tell you not to think of going to the Olympics “, he started laughing.

In short, I’m going to continue to sweat on our quebec roads in jalousant the confidential statistical of Léandre Bouchard.

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