Drinking and driving: the drivers do not include

Alcool au volant: les conducteurs ne comprennent pas

Despite the presence of taxis, Operation red Nose during the Holiday season, Zero Tolerance, family or friends that we may call, the number of arrested drivers with impaired faculties is maintained at about 500 annually in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

If the majority of motorists get a fine and a driving prohibition for a minimum of 12 months, because they were lucky enough not to hit anyone, this is not the case of all the accused.

On January 12, 2018, Jean-Philippe Blanchette has been sentenced to a sentence of 30 months in prison, after his Jeep fell into a ravine in Chicoutimi in August 2014. Blanchette was in a state of intoxication (,142), and at the end of the fall of the vehicle, his wife Kathleen, Chopped-Hoe is dead. Blanchette was able to regain her freedom in November.

Alcool au volant: les conducteurs ne comprennent pas

Jean-François Martel-Poliquin has been sent to detention for a period of 24 months for having caused serious injuries to a lady in an accident when he was driving while impaired by alcohol.


For his part, Jean-François Martel-Poliquin had to be resolved, in November, to take the path of the detention, who had been convicted of a dui causing injury one afternoon in the month of August 2015, on highway 70, at the height of Larouche.

Martel-the Poliquin had stamped an antique car and had projected the vehicle into the ditch. The passenger had to be amputated of a leg. The accused was sentenced to 24 months in prison, but the guilty verdict to the Court of appeal of Quebec. The judges have rejected it in November, and he had to resolve to take the path of the prison.

The snowmobile of Laterrière Stéphane Girard has received a sentence of 12 months in prison for his sixth driving while impaired. He had been acquitted of driving while intoxicated causing death. At its output on a snowmobile, he had pulled the machine from his friend, and he forgot to turn in a bend. He finished his route against a panel of signaling and died.

As for the multirécidiviste Yves Martin, sentenced to 14 years in prison for having killed Mathieu Perron, Vanessa Tremblay-Viger and their son, Patrick, he has renounced to give lectures in schools about the dangers of drinking and driving and to ask to be released from the penitentiary.