Drinking and driving: he refuses to blow into the breathalyzer

Alcool au volant: il refuse de souffler dans l’ivressomètre

A man 27-year-old will face court after he refused to blow into the breathalyzer

In the night from Sunday to Monday, a patrol officer followed a vehicle on the boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste after being noticed driving erratically from the driver. The vehicle was intercepted at the height of the slaughterhouses Lavoie.

The individual was driving a vehicle that is not licensed and his license was not valid. He was drinking a can of beer at the wheel.

The driver has agreed to blow into the device for detection of alcohol (ADA), which has shown to be a failure.

Once brought to the police station, the man refused to submit to the test of the breathalyzer.

The individual should face a charge of refusal to submit to the breathalyzer. The vehicle the man was seized.

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